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Hobby Talk #7: Doll Plans 2017 – Update

Maybe you remember my Doll To Do Post in the beginning of 2017…

… I wrote it mainly to keep track on my plans and projects. Since then I also have a small notebook, where I write everything down, make lists and so on. BUT, I also wanted to update the list I made here, just for fun and maybe someone is interested, what I want to do this year 🙂

As always you find the who is who here – updates will be purple. finished projects will be greenthing i skipped will be red and everything else grey as always – but now lets start!


-Ahriman – Demon Form

* create concept
* face up and body blushing
* some Accessoires – yes I want to ad some black crystals on his back

-Ahriman – Daeva Form + Demon Egg

* face up – will stay as it is
* Demon Egg blushing
* wig


* face up and body blushing – done
* fantasy Hands blushing
* new eyes?  – no
* try his head on human body – IH KID -> perfect!!
*new: Outfit for KID body


* make a wig with brown mohair wefts – done
* face up + body blushing + glue some fake flowers on
* new eyes – no
* dress and headpieces from leafs and flowers – done


* face up + body blushing – done
* glue on some fake moss and wheet  – no wheet, but I still want to add some moss
* felt his Owl friend, who sits on his branch

– Gaia

* finish headpiece with black beads
* sew a layered dress with gold and feathers
* neckpiece with gold and  feathers


* new face up +hand blushing (normal hands) + manicure
* new eyes – lighter purple


* new face up + hand blushing/manicure – face up is done


*change head + face up – done
* blushing hands + manicure
* new wig – on the way from LUTS – still not sure which of my red wigs I want to use, right now she wears a wine red short one…
* some basic clothes


* face up + tattoos + hand blushing – face up is done
* craft some horns in red and orange  – done


* face up + tattoos + hand blushing – face up is done
* craft some horns in blue and green  – done, but also in red
* sew a complete outfit – done
staff and belt with herbs – done, but no staff

– Aeshma:

* face up
* Kabuki wig in red
* new eyes

if I can buy the body in 2017: – body bought on 18.06.2017

* body blushing
* create tattoos
* sew outfit
* craft magic knife

– Astovidatu:

* blush the skull mask and the skull Hands  – don’t know if I still want to use these for him… I think I have to be sure, which doll he will be first

if I can buy a head and body in 2017:more like in 2018
* face up + body blushing
* create tattoos
* sew outfit

* craft magic rope
* I am thinking of giving him two extra arms…maybe… 🙂 – yes yes yes !!!

– Agash:

* correct face up + blush
* style the pink wig properly
* flowy dress
* jewelry headpiece

Other Dolls


* Buy or sew clothes for the new sister  she fits in almost all the clothes I have
* A cute photoshoot with all of the three sisters! – done
* maybe buy or craft some props and furniture – BJD project have priority right now…
* Customize Obitsu blank doll -> has to wait right now

Monster High

* Customize Mouscedes -> has to wait right now

I don’t know if this is really interesting or not, but it keeps me on track to document this kind of things.

Yeah… thank you for your time and I keep you updated! CHEERS ❤

3 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #7: Doll Plans 2017 – Update”

  1. Wow – seems like you’ve done a lot already this year! Let’s see, you’ve done many faceups and sewn clothing, and are doing ADAW too. Hmm~ you’ve been very busy! 🙂
    Have you thought more about how you’ll do Ahriman’s egg form? I’d be a little scared to paint it, all that detail–!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear! ❤
      I have really fun this year working on my dolls – also I am a little stressed through work and it helps me a lot to get my head clean.
      This egg….gosh I am scared of this egg!! xD
      IF I mess it up, I have to clean it and this will be horrible. That scares me the most, more than to actual paint it…. to clean it!! Each little crack… @o@
      This will be my last project for sure xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds nice~ to work with your dolls and relax! (◕‿◕✿)
        That does sound scary! I had to clean my practice head after faceup attempt #1, and it was so hard to get the paint out from the little cracks near her eyes and lips. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to clean the egg. All that detail! O.O But I’m sure you’ll do fine painting it! Your other projects are so well-done, after all! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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