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Story Time #6: Doll Profile Updates

Finally I sat down and worked some more on my doll profiles. Here are 10 updates: some things that are new and some things which are gone…

  1. I deleted all the company pictures. You can still look up, what doll I want for each character (or would want) But there is no more company picture, since I don’t really like using pictures I don’t own, for my BJD stories and profiles.

  2. I added some own profile pictures of my dolls. Some of them are ADAW pictures, some of them are from other photography sessions. But I wanted to add as much as possible of my own stuff. Some of them will change in the future, since I want all the pictures to be portraits and horizontal. But for now this is good!

  3. I worked on their backround stories. This is hard… Some things get concrete, but mostly I get confused. Like really confused. So I have to do something else and let my head cool, but my it spins around possible facts and situations. @o@

  4. There will be more stories. I plan to add to each race three stories about history, characters, situations, relations and so on. I have most of the titles and what each of them will be about, but this will take a while – I’ll give it my best!!

  5. Marie: Marie is since a long time named Marielle, even if I call her just Marie. I was sometimes not very satisfied, with her nickname. I am considering other nicknames like Elle, Ellie, El – but I am not sure, what I want. Maybe she will just stay Marie.

  6. Marie and Brigitte: I always thought, that those two met as children, but now my story took me somewhere else. I will write about it, but what I can say is, that Marie was already 15 years old, whe she met Brigitte and Marinette. So I had to change some profiles – again.

  7. Marinette: She grew on me… I really like her. She is a character of my Loa race and I love her descriptions – I still have to work on her profile here. So my main Duo, became a Trio. Marinette (Nettie), Brigitte (Brie) and Marielle (Marie).

  8. “VeVe”: Is a idea or a dream! The idea of a modern witch/voodoo shop run by Brigitte and Marinette. Marie will work there as a medium and as the girl for everything. I write right now every bit and idea, that crosses my mind, in my little book, to get everything sorted.

  9. Diorama Dream:  I would love to have the shop as a Diorama. But it must be 1/4 size and that is huge!! Maybe if we can finally move, I can have a space for something like this. But I am already looking decor and other stuff up on Pinterest – I mean I can dream xD

  10. NaNoWriMo 2017: I really want to push myself and write a novel about “VeVe” and the girls, in this challenge. Of course it will be a big big big goal to reach the 50.000 words, but mostly I just want to write things down! I am already preparing things, so I will have some guidance on the 01.11.2017.

So I think that these are all updates and Doll Plans for now. I have some free time the next weeks and I will mostly sew for my Dolls. I really want to make the human outfit for Belzebub and to close a project for a friend (maybe I can show you that). But since then thank you for your time and cheers ❤

5 thoughts on “Story Time #6: Doll Profile Updates”

  1. Very exciting updates! It sounds like your story is coming together – and Marie has a new friend! How nice! ❤️

    It’s exciting that you want to do NaNoWriMo this year! Maybe we can cheer each other on. 😀 I’ll look forward to hearing more about “VeVe,” where Marie is the medium. 🙂

    Good luck with your diorama, too. It’s hard to find space for something that big, isn’t it? I wanted to make some room boxes for Corinne, but I ran into the same problem. Where would I put it? XD I’m sure when you do find a place to make it, that your VeVe diorama will be beautiful. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you…but I think I still have a long way until November. I am just glad that I started a little bit already.
      Your post of NaNoWriMo really helped me to think about preparation before. I will do my best. I am still not sure to write in German or in English. In German I would be faster, but in English would be good practice.
      And i will definitely cheer you on!! And I hope you will too. That will be very exciting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! 🙂 It’s great that you’ve gotten a head start, that will really help you during November. Which reminds me, I should start my preparations too. . . /sweats lol

        Hm, that’s a good question! If you don’t mind a piece of advice, I’d suggest going with German, if if would be faster. Every moment counts during NaNo, haha! But you do write very well in English too, so whichever you choose should work fine! ^^

        Yay, let’s cheer each other on! \(^o^)/ It’ll be a lot of fun to do NaNo with a friend!

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  2. Another productive time! I Can totall yrelate to the fact 3. The stories can be super hard, never really got much into them with my dolls, oh well >.< ^^
    The idea with the witch / voodoo kind of shop sounds awesome, I like the theme a lot. It would be some work indeed for 1/4 but as war from the things and work I already saw from you I am sure you could do it ^___^.
    Enjoy your free time and sewing!

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