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Random #7: Lets Play The Sims4

So what do I do these last few days… many things, but I also got a new game: The Sims 4!! I play it on my BF PC, since that is way better than my laptop. So I can not only use the big screen, but also many many Sims 4 CC Mods from very different and talented designers! ❤ (You can find the list of the designer I use in the end)

Who am I playing?

Of course I had two choices – create myself or my OCs xD… and of course I didn’t chose myself. I mean seriously…maybe…I am sure I will do it anyways at some point. haha

So whom did I chose of my bunch:

Nettie, Marie and Brie. I loved to get them all together in a little house. Especially I can be the boss for once – or I am trying to be.

And some details on their background:

Marinette (Nettie) Petro,  25

She lives together with her half sister Brie and her best friend Marie in a little flat in Willow Creek. She loves to be an Musician – classic music, you didn’t expect that, did you?

Marielle (Marie) Verbeek, 20

She is the youngest of the household, but also the most serious. She want to be a good writer, so she reads the most time. Still, she loves her goofy friends Brie and Nettie. She is glad they like her and she loves them to bits.

Brigitte (Brie) Ghede, 27

Brie loves to cook, especially for her half sister Nettie and their best friend Marie. She really dreams to be a big shot in a restaurant. But for now she is only allowed to wash the dishes. But you can hope – can’t you?

So they are kind of my Original Story Characters – but they are also not- They are the SIMS 4 Version of them and very fun to play.

Who else did I create?

Here I will show you some other characters I created, but no background story here. These are some maybe love interests, friends or just neighbors of the girls.

Credits or where you can find these amazing CC Mods!

° EPHINY ASUNDER ° Praline SIMS ° OVERKILLSIMMER ° Marigold ° Spectacledchic °
° S-Club ° Leahlillith ° and many more I am sure I forgot to mention and I love…

Good homepages to find CCs are tumblr (#s4cc –  #ts4 – #ts4cc) or The Sims Resource.

So yeah – more random fandom, but no worries, I am working on my dolls 😀
Cheers ❤

(oh and here if you want to see more of my sims in the future – I changed my tumblr…)

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