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Hobby Talk #8: Body & Booty

Hello Hello 🙂

In the last weeks I bought some new Dolls – not some – two to be exact. Maybe you know, I have a beautiful Miracle Doll Head laying around AND I have character I really want to shell. But more details here:

1) Aeshma


Aeshma is right now my Miracle Doll Head Baiye and I really thought a long time, what kind of body he should get. I had looked through the Doll Zone and Doll Chateau bodies, but I wanted something more muscular for him. But it is not easy to find a male MSD Body, that doesn’t look too child like or abstract. BUT I found one! For my taste and plan: Withdoll 45cm Male Body.

I already ordered him in white skin and he should be finished in…August?! I am really excited about him, since he will be the 5th company I bought from. I will of course show him to you guys!

2) Marinette (Nettie)

Last time I already mentioned, that I want to shell my third main character of my story: Nettie. She is a Loa like Brie, but a different family – I still have to write her profile… BUT I really wanted her to be this black, curvy & cool fashion chick, with sometimes a bad temper and fun to be around. But I didn’t found any sculpt I want for her face, or body. I still don’t know what face she will get, but I BOUGHT A BODY and I am more than excited about that!!! LOOK:

Isn’t she fabulous ❤

She is a SummerbirdBJD Viola Curvy Body. I bought her in the darkest skin color – what will make the face search not any easier, but wtf – and I am already in love. Also she should fit into Minifee shoes and I have this lovely pair here, which nobody fits in (what really annoyed me…)

If you find a pretty and dark skinned head, please let me know, I need some inspiration xD but for now I will wait for the bodies. That should also be all, what I will order this year – of course a head, if I find one – because I don’t have more space and money, I guess xD

So thank you for your time – and as always I would love to hear what is your opinion. Cheers ❤


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