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Comparison #2: Obitsu New Vers 2 vs. Azone Pure Neemo M Body

Maybe you remember that I purchased  a Obitsu Vers. 2 body in May and I made a little boxopening about it. Like I said before, the body is the size of an Azone M body, so I really wanted to make a comparison. Since other projects came in first, I had no time until now… Continue reading Comparison #2: Obitsu New Vers 2 vs. Azone Pure Neemo M Body

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Boxopening #10: Withdoll Male MSD Body + Video

This was exhausting... I bought a MSD male body from Withdoll a little bit more than 2 month ago. Everything went smoothly, the waiting time was like on the homepage and the shipping was fast. Also they tucked the bill on the package, so my tax service was able to do their maths and he… Continue reading Boxopening #10: Withdoll Male MSD Body + Video

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OC Design #16: Agash (+ Video)

Agash is finished for now! Last year I made a Court Dress for Marie - it was a project group on DoA and was really fun to make. But to be honest, I will never use it again. So while I thought about, how I wanted my Doll Zone Star to look like and looked… Continue reading OC Design #16: Agash (+ Video)

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Fandom #2: Harry Potter LootCrate Box

Originally this blog was called the last HP Box...but I am weak... but I ordered another round... so 3 more to come! And of course I will show this box and the next ones. I don't have a blog about box #1, but here is box #2 What was inside this time?? Shirt Bookends Pen -… Continue reading Fandom #2: Harry Potter LootCrate Box

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Random #8: 30 facts about me…

I saw many blogger doing challenges like "50 Facts about me", "20 random things, you didn't know" and "26 Alphabet challenge". I love these kind of blog entries. You can read personal facts, experiences and thoughts from people on the other side of the internet. People you really like, who inspire you and it this is very liberating. There… Continue reading Random #8: 30 facts about me…