OC Design #15: Wig Making Nr. 3

I really tried to make a wig – again. You can see my first and second attempt here and here. But this time I used alpaca. And seriously…this is the softest something I ever felt!! Alpacas are also very cute! I bought my wool here and I arrived quick and well packed…and like I said, holy is this soft!

Like always I first made a wig cap out of black fabric, since like that it won’t be seen directly under the black hair. This time I didn’T made wefts, I picked up some hair and glued it directly on the cap. At first that was really difficult  and I had some problems to glue them properly. But I mus say, in the end, this was the nicest version to get this f**ing hair on – sorry but it stills annoys me xD – but I want to be able to so it good. So I have to try it again and again.

Here some more pictures:

Each layer had to dry, before I could move on. In the end I cut her really short bangs – what was planned not messed up 😉 – and combed I some times, to get all the short and not glued hair out. And then I was finished and I love it…it is not perfect, but a goo wig. I can even style it in a bun or two, put the hair up and it still looks decent enough…

Oh and one last update: She got also new hands!! this happens when you have awesome hobby friends – thank you again Bird ❤

They are not the same skin color, but with a little blushing it will work. They are the new Iplehouse JID hands in normal skin. The time I ordered Marie she got the old and not very nice sculpted hands. I always thought about to buy her the  new hands, but I also didn’t want to purchase a pair of hands, since this would be very expensive with shipping and German taxes.

But now she have them:

oh and see the difference:

But thank you for you time and cheers ❤

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