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OC Design #15: Wig Making Nr. 3

I really tried to make a wig – again. You can see my first and second attempt here and here. But this time I used alpaca. And seriously…this is the softest something I ever felt!! Alpacas are also very cute! I bought my wool here and I arrived quick and well packed…and like I said, holy is this soft!

Like always I first made a wig cap out of black fabric, since like that it won’t be seen directly under the black hair. This time I didn’T made wefts, I picked up some hair and glued it directly on the cap. At first that was really difficult  and I had some problems to glue them properly. But I mus say, in the end, this was the nicest version to get this f**ing hair on – sorry but it stills annoys me xD – but I want to be able to so it good. So I have to try it again and again.

Here some more pictures:

Each layer had to dry, before I could move on. In the end I cut her really short bangs – what was planned not messed up 😉 – and combed I some times, to get all the short and not glued hair out. And then I was finished and I love it…it is not perfect, but a goo wig. I can even style it in a bun or two, put the hair up and it still looks decent enough…

Oh and one last update: She got also new hands!! this happens when you have awesome hobby friends – thank you again Bird ❤

They are not the same skin color, but with a little blushing it will work. They are the new Iplehouse JID hands in normal skin. The time I ordered Marie she got the old and not very nice sculpted hands. I always thought about to buy her the  new hands, but I also didn’t want to purchase a pair of hands, since this would be very expensive with shipping and German taxes.

But now she have them:

oh and see the difference:

But thank you for you time and cheers ❤

2 thoughts on “OC Design #15: Wig Making Nr. 3”

  1. I adore the work you did with the new wig! I’m sure it is not that easy! The flow of the hair looks natural! And Yes the new iplehouse hands are so pretty! I got them for mine aswel and the difference is so huge, very delicate and more pretty than the “default ones” I wish you good luck with the blushing. I’m sure you can handle this little color difference well!

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    1. Thank you Dear!! I am really happy how it looks. At some Point I will redo it – but not this year xD
      And thank goodness Iplehouse made new Hands – the old ones are really chunky


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