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Random #8: 30 facts about me…

I saw many blogger doing challenges like “50 Facts about me”, “20 random things, you didn’t know” and “26 Alphabet challenge”. I love these kind of blog entries.

You can read personal facts, experiences and thoughts from people on the other side of the internet. People you really like, who inspire you and it this is very liberating.
There is a real person on the other side, with their good times and bad times, even sometimes not very happy moments, but that makes everyone so special and human.

So yeah… I thought about writing something like this for a long time. To share some of my thoughts, experiences and myself. And now I thought it is time! – So here we go:


  1. I am half german and half african, so I am mixed, but I am very german in my heart…

  2. My father is from Asmara/ Eritrea – I have been there only 2 times, through the difficult situation in the country

  3. I have a big sister, who is my soulmate and her name is Mimi (Myrjem)

  4. My parents are both over 60 years old and funny people – I love them very much

  5. My fathers name is Gideon Yussuf, but his passport says something else, since the German Goverment decided to germanize his name, when he moved to Germany in the 1970

  6. My parents are divorced, what was really hard for me. I was 16 years old and very introverted, so I had to process the parting of them for a long time

  7. My mother remarried some years ago and her new husband is absolutely and 100% in the family… the crazy metal head – he is lovely!

  8. My mother and her husband, my father and till last year my grandparents, all live in one town, where I also grew up

  9. I have a nephew called Noah, who I ADORE!!! ❤ He is 8 years old, so funny and charming – and a clever and silly little monkey

  10. I only have my african Gran  and my german Granpa left. My german Gran died last year and sadly I never met my african Grandpa, he died in the Eritrean Independent War in the 1950

  11. My father had 8 sibling – 2 times Triplets… yes… you heard right!! Oh gosh, this makes me so worried xD – PLEASE NO!!!…

  12. I can speak only german and english, since I am a language noob!

  13. My father tried to learn me Italian, Arabic and Tigrinja (Eritrean main language) as a kid, but it seems it didn’t understand, when I was about 3…4 years old, why he would speak in a different languages with me, since we live in Germany… yes I said that… I am too german.

  14. I learned the violin as a child and stopped to go to my lessons when I was 15 years old. I am considering to have lessons again, since I really miss playing the violin

  15. I was very introverted and shy as a kid. Always the more creative one, but quiet. No talk about feelings and personal stuff. Sometimes it still is very exhausting for me, if I have to speak about my feelings – me no likey…

  16. I was bullied a lot in middle school (Realschule). I was in an all female class and it was hell… Later I was more able to protect myself, but at that time it was hard

  17. I had bad skin as a teenager. I had to use medicine, since I had really bad acne, but it worked and they were gone, after it got worse in the first few weeks

  18. With my knowledge now, I know I was depressed at that time – like really bad, with suicide thoughts and no energy to get up from bed – depression. The medicine I took, which got rid of my pimples, is no longer on the market, because – yes! – it had depression as side effects – thank you, now I would take the pimples

  19. I originally wanted to be a seamstress, but my master tailor where I learned, had to close her shop, so I went back to high school (Fachoberschule)

  20. I later studied social work in Munich, because I worked three years, the time between School and University, in different social organisations and I eventually realized, that this was something I want to do

  21. I am now a social worker in a mental health insitution, sometimes a great job, somtetimes not – but most of the time I am very happy to work where I am and I think it is normal to not like your job sometimes

  22. I have a sewing class at my work, where I sew bags, pillows and clothes with some clients of mine and help them to learn to sew – highlight of my work week!

  23. I am responsible for 50 people and the last few weeks I also had to compansate, that my ex boss quit. I don’t like being the boss, but yeah – at work it is ok

  24. I live with my boyfriend in a little one room flat, near my work. We want to move into a bigger flat, but that is hard in Munich and Munich outback

  25. I met my BF through an online game – we were in the same clan and talked a lot through TeamSpeak… the rest is history ❤

  26. We decided, the time we hadn’t seen each other ever, that we wanted to go on a holiday together to the ocean… I am not sure why, but everyone of my friends and family thought I am nuts to plan a holiday with someone I never met – we did it anyways and it was one of the most beautiful weeks of my life

  27. I am not used to love or relationships – I never dated before, since I was always to shy or the person of my interest wasn’t interested in me

  28. Another reason is, that I have really difficulty to fall in love. I think I had a crush like 3 times in my life, but love – I love my Boyfriend, but before him I don’t think I was ever in love

  29. I don’t have many friends, but by choice. I need good and honest people around me, someone I can trust and be trusted. For me a whole bunch of people, I have to satify would totally overstrain me.

  30. So a fun last fact: I love soccer/football!!!!!!!! I am a huge FC Bayern Munich fan since my youth. I go to every home game of them – I sing, I bawl, I rant and I discuss with you – the only thing I do not really do anymore is drink. I barely drink alcohol. So you won’t find me drunk in the corner, singing football songs – not anymore 😉


Yes…that was hard and I already cut it to 30 Facts, not 50. Not only to write it, but to actually find 30 facts that are honest, but not too…  yeah… we will see. Now you know me a little better and I hope you will stay…haha

What more to say than thank you and goodbye.
Cheers ❤

4 thoughts on “Random #8: 30 facts about me…”

  1. What a fun idea. . . ! It seems like you’ve led an interesting life thus far, Nana! It’s good you have a job you enjoy (even if you don’t like it sometimes, haha!). And the story of how you met your boyfriend was so cute. ❤ Thank you for sharing these fun facts with us!

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