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OC Design #16: Agash (+ Video)

Agash is finished for now!

Last year I made a Court Dress for Marie – it was a project group on DoA and was really fun to make. But to be honest, I will never use it again. So while I thought about, how I wanted my Doll Zone Star to look like and looked through the clothes I had, I had the idea to reuse these clothes. I had to made a new top, since these both girls are way to different. But I reused the skirt, lace, fur balls, rhinestones, a ring as a choker and added some earrings as embellishment.  I also added the hat and the white/beige mohair wig…. I think it turned out very beautiful and fits her well.




Here you can see some clips of the project:

Thank you for your time and see you soon – cheers ❤

2 thoughts on “OC Design #16: Agash (+ Video)”

  1. So first of all: I LOVE the new design of your blog! Especially these pretty opening pictures of the single posts! Such an eyecatcher! And the result of agashi is mesmerizing ! She looks so fragile and stunning ! Wow

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for noticing ❤ I try to get a overall design – to be honest: you gave me the inspiration to work on my aesthetic after you launched your new design 😉


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