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Boxopening #10: Withdoll Male MSD Body + Video

This was exhausting…

I bought a MSD male body from Withdoll a little bit more than 2 month ago. Everything went smoothly, the waiting time was like on the homepage and the shipping was fast. Also they tucked the bill on the package, so my tax service was able to do their maths and he could be send directly to me. Yay – so far so good.

The first time DHL tried to deliver him to me, i wasn’t home, so I made a second deliver date 3 days later, since before that I am at work and not at home. I had to be at home to pay the tax. The next day I had 2 more DHL cards on my mailbox… I called DHL again and said, I already made a second deliver date, why are there more cards?? – that is standard, to try it on the next day. Ok fine…

The next day I had AGAIN 2 more cards on my mailbox, so he obviously tried again 2 times to deliver my box. I had now 5 cards on the table… I was annoyed… I called again and asked if they still will come on Friday. He said yes and sorry for the inconvenience. On my deliver date they came with two people – I know the post guy in our area, so I know normally he is alone – and they looked at me really annoyed. Gosh I was glad when I had my box…

BUT enough rant – let me show you some pictures and… a boxopening video!! Yeah more videos, but I think they are fun and I talk this time xD so bare with me guys…

– please don’t mind my weird English xD –

thank you and cheers ❤

2 thoughts on “Boxopening #10: Withdoll Male MSD Body + Video”

  1. I would really recommend it for now 🙂 I had no real time to play with it, but what I can say: he is not very expensive and the muscles look great. The joints are well made, they lock so he can hold his arms and legs. Also the resin is very nice to touch. I want to take a proper photoshoot with him soon, even if I haven’t worked on him yet – I sure I will know more about his posing abilities then 🙂 But for now I am very happy…

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