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Comparison #2: Obitsu New Vers 2 vs. Azone Pure Neemo M Body

Maybe you remember that I purchased  a Obitsu Vers. 2 body in May and I made a little boxopening about it. Like I said before, the body is the size of an Azone M body, so I really wanted to make a comparison. Since other projects came in first, I had no time until now to work on this post.

But now let’s do this!!

The bodies:
side by side: (Obitsu left – Azone right)

They are the same size. The bust of the Obitsu body is slightly bigger and more natural shaped. Also the joint of the torso are on different places. The Obitsu body has a bust joint, so the movement is in the upper part of the body. The Azone body has a lower torso joint, this one moves more in a rotating way. The other joints are on the same places: shoulder, upper arm, elbow, wrist, hip, upper leg, knee and feet.

But some things are very different!!

Knee and elbow joints:

Azone have a very simple joint. These are just two knobs locked inside each other, which can move in a certain range.

The Obitsu body are joints with separate knee and elbow elements. This allows a more defined range of motions. Also it helps the knees and elbows to stay in their positions.

Hands and feets:

The new Obitsu Body, has like the Azone one, removable feet and hands. There were actually 3 pairs of hands in total with the Obitsu package. But can you exchange them with each other? No you can’t. As you can see on the picture they share the same mechanism, but the sizes of the knobs are very different.

The feet are nearly the same size – left Obitsu, right Azone. The Obitsu body feet are a little bit more defined and also the toes are a little bit longer. But the Obtsu feet fit in every pair of shoe I have for my Azone girls just right.

Squishy belly:

This is weird! I was really confused with the squishy belly. In some positions it is shaped really weird and bends very unnatural. On the other side it is very helpful for most of the movements. I will get used to it I think, dressed is not really a difference.


I tried some very extreme postures with both bodies to compare the flexibility of each of them. Like expected the joints of the Obitsu Body can hold way more smooth the positions and has a big range of movements.

See for yourself:

At last some more with my Azone M head on:

In the end I decided that my M Azone will keep the Obitsu body and my floating Obitsu head will get the Azone body. Also it seems that Azone came out with a new body themselves, so we will see what happens here. I will definitely check that body out, when it is available separately and hopefully they will ad all the sizes (LL,L, M, S, XS).

Thats it – until then cheers and bye bye 🙂

3 thoughts on “Comparison #2: Obitsu New Vers 2 vs. Azone Pure Neemo M Body”

  1. Great review! The Obitsu body’s poseability is really its strong point, hm? And the joint look pretty natural too. Would you say it’s worth upgrading all your Azones to Obitsu bodies, or just to have one or two?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love to get them better bodies, with more poseability and better joints. But I will wait for now, what the new Azones bodies are like and then I will see what I will do. I really want to keep the height difference between them…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, that’s a good plan! It seems like Azone keeps improving their designs – didn’t they just release a new body design last year too? Keeping the height difference is important too. Hope the new bodies are excellent~


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