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Hobby Talk #9: When Your Doll Plans Change

So some things happened... Plans got shattered and pieced together again in different shapes and flavors. Maybe you read my post about my Daevas in... 2016? - what I plan, how do they look like, which doll should everyone be. In short they are 7 characters I really want to shell in doll form over… Continue reading Hobby Talk #9: When Your Doll Plans Change

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Collections #1: Pins Pins Pins

I love pins! Fandoms, geeky, food  - just cute or funny pins. I put them on bags, clothes or just decorate something somewhere. When I was a kid I had some pins, but somehow most of them are gone. Some month ago I found some cute pins on Instagram and I also found my love… Continue reading Collections #1: Pins Pins Pins

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ADAW 2017 #5: week 29-35

More than half way through!!! This is crazy, I never thought I would get so far and like what I do. I am still not perfect, but think I slowly improve in my photography skills, set up, lighting, editing and so on. When this year is done, I will definitely do a Little recap, before… Continue reading ADAW 2017 #5: week 29-35

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BJD addicts written prompt #7+8: Favorite Names + Sizes

Do you have favorite names? Where do you get your name inspirations from? Do you have a favorite size? If yes, why? Names I have two different kind of names, which I use for my dolls. There is the one kind that I named myself and there are the other ones, which are named through… Continue reading BJD addicts written prompt #7+8: Favorite Names + Sizes

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Comparison #3: MSD Girl Body (IH, DC, AoD)

I wanted to do this comparison for a long long long long time. It was in my draft area of this blog since forever, but I had no time to do it until now. So what is it about? I have 3 different kinds of MSD female bodies: Iplehouse JID in peach golden skin (2014)… Continue reading Comparison #3: MSD Girl Body (IH, DC, AoD)