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Comparison #3: MSD Girl Body (IH, DC, AoD)

I wanted to do this comparison for a long long long long time. It was in my draft area of this blog since forever, but I had no time to do it until now. So what is it about?

I have 3 different kinds of MSD female bodies:

  1. Iplehouse JID in peach golden skin (2014)
  2. Angel of Dream in yellow skin (2016)
  3. Doll Charteau KID 01 body in tan skin (2017)

They all have their positive and negative sides, they are all very individual and unique. But what are these good and band points and how are they compared to each other.
(This contains my subjective opinion on these bodies)

Let’s look at them first individual:

1) Iplehouse JID Body

height with head: 42cm
proportions: very curvy, wide shoulders and hips, more realisitc
resin: very soft and lightly textured, nice to touch – lightly yellowed (2014-2017), but in a nice color and very even (the hands are normal skin – please ignore that xD )
pros: mobility joints, boobs, new JID hands, resin quality, realistic sculpt
cons: bad poser, body and head can only be purchased together, expensive BJD, hard to restring (really complicated string mechanism)

2) Angel Of Dream Body

height with head: 41cm
proportions: small MSD, small boobs, hips and shoulders. Very petite and slender.
resin: very smooth, no texture – no yellowing that I can see (2015 – hard to see, since she IS very yellow xD )
pros: slim MSD (many clothes fit), beautiful hands, cheaper than IH or DC, body can be ordered separetely, good to restring
cons: weird extrapart inside which I tried to glue in first and then removed it, she is a kicker, extra torso joint I don’t need

3)Doll Chateau KID 01 Body:

height with head: 43 cm
proportions: shaped like a pear, very slender arms and legs, small torso and big hips
resin: smooth and lightly textured – no blobs or uneven details in the tan skin, nearly no visible seam lines
pros: skin color, stand very good on nearly every surface, hips, body can be ordered separetely
cons: knee and ellbow joints are very difficult, won’t hold poses, very spiky boobs

Now side by side:

Comparing some Differences – left to right:
Doll Chateau Iplehouse Angel of Dream
body differences small shoulders, long arms and legs wide shoulders and hip, looks broad between those two very slim, small shoulders and hips
joints double jointed double jointed- new JID body double jointed
handling stands very good, arms hold the posing ok, knees only work in a standing or sitting position – needs wiring difficult to pose or stand – only can do easy stand positions or sit – she needs to be strung very tight stands good, joints are very smooth, so she can’t pose well – maybe she needs sueding
how to order Body only is possible – on DC homepage or official dealers only with head, only on Iplehouse homepage – no dealers Body only is possible – official dealers

(basic version, no tan or other special skintones, no extras)

Body only:
(Doll Chateau)
Body with head:
345,00$ – (without head maybe about 280,00$?!) + heeled feet
Body only:
(Dealer example: Alice Collection)
I love the shape! I think it I have to wire her, to get her in good poses. But the resin is just amazing and she looks so unique on this body – but I have to say for a human character she would have – in my opinion- slightly to slender arms and legs… but that is just me It is a pitty you can only order a full doll. I would love to buy only a head. The body is very beautiful, but a pain in the a$$ to restring and pose. I love the more realistic vibe with Iplehouse in general – that is why she became my first doll. But since she is no cheap, I had to safe up quite a time before I could order her. Very cheap body, but a good quality for that. That extra part inside the body annoyed me a lot, but since I removed this thing, everything is fine. I am still not sure, why this second torso joint is there, since I never use it, but ok, that is maybe also me…

All three of them are beautiful bodies, I do not regret that I bought them. But all of them need some work to do. I really hope that helped you little bit, if not I hope it was interesting enough to read until this point ๐Ÿ˜‰

I would love to hear your experience, with these bodies, or if you have other recommendations and experiences.

Thank you very much and see you soon. Cheers โค

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