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BJD addicts written prompt #7+8: Favorite Names + Sizes

Do you have favorite names? Where do you get your name inspirations from?
Do you have a favorite size? If yes, why?


I have two different kind of names, which I use for my dolls. There is the one kind that I named myself and there are the other ones, which are named through legends, religion and history. Here are some examples:

Marielle (Marie) is named because I wanted her to name her like that. I thought a long time about it and it is not her first name. Especially in the first few weeks I changed it a lot, until I kind of decided to gave her a name, just to call her somehow. This name was Marie. And eventually I was so used to that name, that she was indeed Marie. After some more time, with her and the story, she became Marielle and now she is who she is. There were and are other characters, who I named. But not until I spend time with them (in my mind or as a doll), I am sure that this is their name. OtherwiseI would change it again.

Agash, Taru, Zarik, Brigitte, Marinette, Samedi, Gaia, Faunus and so on – these are all names and characters from history, legends and different religions. But like my disclaimer in my stories and here on my blog already says, these characters are my version – not the historical correct ones. Everything began with the Loa – the Voodoo Spirits – in my case: Samedi and Brigitte. I really wanted to incorporate these characters and the whole Voodoo universe. So their names where fix. And from there I went on and on – eventually I found the Daevas, then the Demons, Spirits… – but the names where always depending on the characters I wanted in my stories.

I like the mix of both – of course it could be easier to have a name at hand through a legend, but with your own name and character you have way more space to do your own thing. A name is a powerful and important aspect of every story!


I struggled this year a little bit with the sizes of my dolls. Or more I struggled with the thought to limit myself to MSD and smaller.

I have this other story about these bunch of people playing together an Online Game. And of course I looked up dolls, which could fit the characters – all SD, so 60 cm or taller. There are beautiful dolls out there. I love more realistic and mature dolls. So I thought to buy some SDs (like 2-3 of this story) additionally to my MSD and smaller ones. Then I had the chance to “play” with some SD dolls and I was cured…

I will stay with MSD and smaller and with one story! SD are for my taste to big, hard to handle and simply not my size. And that is ok! I am very happy with my dolls and the dolls I want in the smaller sizes.

Money was never the “issue” – yes SD are more expensive, but I live very thrifty, so one doll should have been fine (now it has been dealt with anyways, since I bought my two MSD bodies AND I still want to buy a MSD head this year).

Will I never buy a big one?

owhvs6aI can’t say that. On this list are many SDs I really like – but I don’t need. But there is one SD that I am utterly in love with… She is the only SD I am still considering to buy: Souldoll Zenith Hwah Yeon …. this nose and eyes… this jaw line – seriously she is just stunning! ❤ But yeah. Maybe if she is ever to be discontinued I definitely will buy her, since then I will keep that decision open.

So that is my opinion – what are your ways to choose names? What kind of doll sizes do you have and why?

So thank you for your time and cheers ❤


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