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Collections #1: Pins Pins Pins

I love pins!

Fandoms, geeky, food  – just cute or funny pins. I put them on bags, clothes or just decorate something somewhere. When I was a kid I had some pins, but somehow most of them are gone. Some month ago I found some cute pins on Instagram and I also found my love for them again.

So I am collecting again – wooo!!

So what do I have?

Positive Pins

all Pins py Punky Pins

Harry Potter

Hedwig, Slytherin Emblem by Harry Potter Store London
Tom Riddles Diary, Horkrux Ring, The Sorting Hat by Lootcrate Harry Potter Subcription Box

Crystal Gems

all Pins by PinYatta


Sushi by PinYatta
Jack Daniels and Chicita Banana are vintage (belongs to Georg)

Hike Pins

all pins are vintage (belong to Georg)

Crafty Pins

all Pins py Punky Pins


all brooches are vintage



Sports pin from my school time
Augustiner Bräu brooch (my local an favorite beer company)
a brooch from a locol football fan club

All the pins can also be found in my collection area here, I try to keep them updated. But I want to expand my collection section even more… but more later 😉

What do you guys collect? I find that really interesting… Let me know 🙂

Until then thanx and cheers♡

7 thoughts on “Collections #1: Pins Pins Pins”

  1. Nice collection! It’s sad you’ve lost most of the pins you had as a child, but it looks like you’re building it up again. Which is your favorite pin?

    Hmm, for my own collections. . . I collect books. 😀 And also those little erasers shaped like food, they are so cute! And I’ve got to be careful, or I’ll start collecting Azones, lol!

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    1. My favorite… I think from the old ones was my violin pin which I got from my parents, but I lost it. I found the same one on Amazon, so the “new one” is on the way, but it will not be the same feeling. From the newer ones it is the “Cuterus” lol, I laughed so hard on that.
      Oh yes books – I sorted out some of mine the other day, to bring them to the library, but somehow I can’t – now the boxes are in the way. xD I should really figure out what I want.
      Azones are perfect travel buddies! An I am sure they would love to live with you 😉

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      1. Aw, the violin pin sounds cute! Good that you found a replacement. . . even though it won’t feel the same, it will remind you of the old pin. ^^
        Ahah, yes, the Cuterus pin is very punny. XD

        Hmm, yes, books — it’s difficult to let them go, isn’t it? Even though they take up a lot of room. But there’s still nothing quite like flipping through a favorite story on a lazy day~

        Yeah, they’re so small and cute! They look like the perfect size to just pop into a purse~ I really like the SD size, but Corinne is just so big, it’s hard to carry her around. . . . No, wait, why am I talking myself into this? You’re a bad influence! 😉

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      2. Those are the best kind! XD

        What’s this? I hear a little voice, telling me to go buy Azones. . . ! Must. . . resist. . . ! XD


  2. Ah, so many beautiful pins! My favourite is the Love Your Body one – I could learn something from that one.. ^^’ I’ve thought about collecting pins several times now, but my hobby fundings are somewhat limited, so I can’t really justify starting a new collection when my dolls still need lots of things. >_<

    I think you could say that I collect postcards. I love buying postcards with inspiring quotes and pretty patterns.

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    1. Yes the “love you Body” one is amazing – I also try to give myself with it a kind of positive thinking. Not easy.
      I really had fun throwing out money and buy some pins. But now the fun time is over and until November will be no further hobby money left.
      My grandad also collected postcards and I loved to skip through them. This is a great collection, especially if they can motivate and inspire you!


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