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Hobby Talk #9: When Your Doll Plans Change

So some things happened… Plans got shattered and pieced together again in different shapes and flavors.

Maybe you read my post about my Daevas in… 2016? – what I plan, how do they look like, which doll should everyone be. In short they are 7 characters I really want to shell in doll form over the next 2 years and I already have 4 of them at home, these are Aeshma, Agash, Zarik and Taru:

(you find more of them here – please excuse Aeshmas crappy picture…
He is not ready for a big photoshooting xD )

So who are the 3 characters that are still missing, what was my original plan and what is my plan now???


SoulDoll KID Joelle.D


He didn’t change much from the original concept. He still will be a Souldoll Joelle.D – except I will give him my Spritely Things skull mask, I really hope it will fit, because Joelle has a very tiny head – otherwise I will have to stuff a little bit, it will work 😉


Saurva has to patient since he is not on my main wishlist for 2018 – maybe towards the end of next year, or 2019. (Except Souldoll decides to discontinue him – but I don’t think that will happen)


Doll Chateau KID 06 body

Asto was planned to be this kind of shaman demon priest with the long and slender DC KID 06 body and a skull face. Since there is no skull head available, that is not a recast, I decided to give him a skull mask and 4 arms (not shown here). BUT then I found this head from Miracle Doll and everything changed:

Miracle Doll Jing

She is called Jing and has 5 eyes! F-i-v-e!! I love unique dolls like that! And he (she will be male – or both – maybe…)  would look so great on the tall and slender KID 06 body… So he is on my wishlist for 2018. But he will not get 4 arms! I am kind of sad, since I really want a 4 armed doll (but see the next person below), but also I am really happy that I don’t have to make holes in his back. THE SCARES!!! O____O

Aka Manah

Iplehouse JID Benny

This is the original plan from 2016: a ebony JID Benny from Iplehouse – and I don’t remember why… hahaaaa… I really like Benny, she is a beautiful sculpt, but I think I chose her because I really like Iplehouse and wanted a beautiful doll for Aka Manah. Aka is a temptress, she seduces men in her lair and kill them. Very simple, but I always imagined her to be very pretty. BUT like always something – or more someone happened. Like I said, I always wanted a doll with 4 arms – look what Souldoll did:

SoulDoll Junia.V-Spider queen ver.

This color! This body! And this horns!!!!! Oh my Goodness… Instantly my mind was fixed on her and the thought that she would be the perfect Aka Manah.
But she is obviously a Demon! How can she lure mortal men?

She can make each individual man see his perfect and most desired woman, so he can’t resist her in any way… Wow… clever right? 😀

But I don’t want the original Juniva.V head, I like the human version, but not reaaalllly the vampire version for my character. But Souldoll gave the option to choose any kind head you want. So I clicked through the heads and dolls – and there she was again:

SoulDoll KID Gana

She is since 2 years on my wishlist for a character named Clarisse – the adopted sister of Marielle – I really love her sculpt and now I was in trouble… What should I do? Should I buy my Aka Manah – 4 arm Goddess – with a Gana head or not?

I think I will – I will place the order maybe in a few days (or hours), but I think it will be Gana. Everything else feels too forced. And since I want a fantasy color, I should be 100% sure.

These are the plans for my Daevas, but wait? What will happen to my other plan?

Who will Clarisse now be?

Someone who is on and off my wishlist since her release! I never had a character for her and I never thought I would find one. But I love her sculpt, her weird eyes and the Raccoon Doll big hip body!

Raccon Doll Emma

But she is not on my wishlist for this or next year, so I have time with her.


Also Nettie has to get a head!
Supia Doll Mini Hannah – SummerBird BJD Viola

I already talked about her body here, this curvy Goddess. But her head is still on my to buy list for this year, but I don’t think I can handle to buy Aka and her – or maybe I can??? So it can be, that Netties body will arrive here and will be without a head for a while. That is so sad, but it can’t be changed for now…maybe…

Yes that was a long update and everything started with this one Souldoll release. What a ride. But to be honest, it feels better this way. A main reason I never bought a doll for Aka or Asto was, that I wasn’T 100% sure about it. But now I am.

We will see what will happen – since then thank you and bye bye ❤

Edit 30.09.2017:

I just ordered my Aka Manah (Souldoll Junia V. with a Gana head in Dove B. Grey and some human extra parts). Next month I will order my Supia Hannah head and I am done for 2017!! :3 



2 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #9: When Your Doll Plans Change”

  1. You sound so excited! It can be hard sometimes when plans change, but it looks like they changed for the better for you – and now you have a lot more to look forward to. Especially with Aka Manah coming home this year! Just curious, have you ordered her yet. . . ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No I didn’t xD – I haveto wait for my next paycheck, but then i will order her. i also consider to buy her on layway. That would be my first doll on layway, but maybe it aill be easier…
      And I am really excited xD


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