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10 Minute Stories #1: Hocus Pocus Fidibus

„When you browse through the internet you find weird people, “ she said determined und looked up from her computer. “What did you expect?” asked Sam und looked her in the eyes. “Einstein and Socrates?” She sighed annoyed. „No Samuel, “ that was a sign, that this wasn’t the answer Leni wanted to hear. “But some… Continue reading 10 Minute Stories #1: Hocus Pocus Fidibus

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Plotober #3: Preparation, Storyline and OMG!! (-5 Days)

no no no no no .... Only 5 days left xD help I failed the last days a lot in preparing my plot. I sometimes think ether I am too stupid or too stressed - I hope it is the last one. Work was hard again. After a troublesome year, with lots of new colleagues… Continue reading Plotober #3: Preparation, Storyline and OMG!! (-5 Days)

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ADAW 2017 #6: week 36-41

This was quite exhausting... I shot all these pictures in one day! Why you ask? Don't ask me... I tried the last days and weeks to do a kind of week plan, but I failed in some points. I really was exhausted through work and I mostly slept - also I fell a bit behind… Continue reading ADAW 2017 #6: week 36-41

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Inktober 2017 #1

I did Inktober 2017 - not the regular prompts - I did the Inktober X Witches from OchiBrochi. All These prompts where Witch and Magic themed, what I really liked. These were the prompst you had to do: Here are the the first 16 Witches I did, one after the other:   I had really fun with them. I… Continue reading Inktober 2017 #1