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Plotober #1: Let’s Plan This (-28 Days)

Plotober is here!!!

Plot-what? Plotober is our preparation month for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which takes place in November. I will paticipate this year with my BJD World story – also will River from Strike a Spark with her friend Cloud and some local friends will be in the boat.

Basically I want to write the first part of my Dolly Universe with some pressure of NaNo. I already started on the preparations – so what can I already show you?

“VeVe – Book 1”


supernatural novel


Centuries passed by, since the godlike Daevas, Emperors of all Demons and ghostlike Creatures, tried to conquer the earth under the command of Ahriman. Ahriman the snake, the butcher and master. His loyal servants are shattered and broken all over this and the other world. The world of souls and gods. But dark clouds are in the sky and the air begins to crackle.

A dead Raven lies in front of the shop, Marielle knows that this is not a good sign at all. She does not only feel it around her, but also in herself that something is coming. Something big. She closes her eyes and listens to the Otherworld. But everything she sees are a pair of red eyes.

Veve is a novel about three women and their little Wicca Shop, supernatural cases and the harmony of both worlds. The world of the mortals and the Otherworld.

I wrote it in German first and translated it after. I think that will work the best for me. So I will stick to German in the whole writing process. I announced the novel on the NaNo homepage yesterday, so I am official participating.

I also worked on my characters, story line, chapters and locations… but that is not nearly finished. I have my main characters done, since they already existed. But I will now have to focus on the extra characters and locations. I have a concept of chapters, but I am not so happy with that, so I am considering to redo that. But first things first.

As you can see, Plotober means a lot of prep work for me, so I can get through NaNo as far as possible. I am realistic enough to know, that the possibility to win NaNo in the first year is for me kind of utopian, BUT I really want to start this novel and get as far as possible. But we will know for sure, when November is done.

I will keep you updated – so see you and cheers ❤

(Plotober picture is by River <3)

9 thoughts on “Plotober #1: Let’s Plan This (-28 Days)”

  1. Ohhh this got me goose bumps! What a start! Well I can’t wait to read more further! And i appreciate your work and time you spend on this and sharing! This is for sure going to me a great journey (in your story and also for yourself) ^__^ I will keep you company


    1. Ohhh Thank you so much ❤ Also for your Company xD I will Need all the motivation I get. My sister an mum also want to read it, so I put myself under some pressure – but like that it works the best for me. So hopefully I can share something with you all 🙂


  2. Okay– first thing — I love your cover! ❤❤❤ It has a great atmosphere and looks so cool! ❤

    The summary is really exciting. I’m anxious to read more already. . . It’s going to be hard to wait, haha! 😀

    With all the work you’re doing this month, I’m sure NaNoWriMo will go smoothly. I’m sure you’ll win this year!


    1. Thank you Dear!!Thank you dear!! I appreciate your support very much!

      I am surprised that it is quite good. I will see if I can transfer this into the novel. 2000 words a day O__O That still sounds scary. But I have to stay positive 😉


  3. Good luck dear! I hope you will win NaNo even though it’s your first year.
    This is my second attempt and my first one ended within a few days. XD I did win Camp NaNo this last July, though so I will give it a shot!


    1. First welcome here and thank you!! 🙂
      Oh I would love to go on a Camp NaNo next time – I am sure you can get some helpful skills. I am also worried to get stuck after the first few days xD Everyone around me is so excited for me and wants to read it (my mum, sister and so on) – but now I can’t fail, can I? Oh Lord… xD
      What is you account name on NaNo? I am always happy for people to get my motivation from and who I can also encourage.


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