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Fandom #3: Harry Potter LootCrate Box

My forth LootCrate Subscription Box with my Harry Potter goods arrived!

There were again some amazing thing in it!! I really love the quality and diversity of this box. And this time it went through custom – that was unexpected but really great.

So what was inside?

  1. Another Wand Pen
  2. Candy Erasers
  3. Ministry of Magic Office Set
  4. Scarf
  5. Pin
Wand Pen

This time it is Harrys – last time there was Severus wand as a pen. I really like these, they are kind of heavy, but great to write with.

Candy Erasers

It is a chocolate frog, a sugar skull, a jelly slug and a cauldron cake. They came in a beautiful pink candy box from the Honey Duke. The Honey Duke is a candy shop in Hogsmaede, where Harry got out while he sneaked out of Hogwarts, through Gunhildas statue.

Ministry of Magic Office Set

It is not from the british Ministry, but from the american – so it is from the Newt Scamander movie. It is a file, a paper pad, some sticky notes and two note clips. I love the clips with the Freemasonry eye. They look very mystic and cool.


Since I am a Slytherin I – of course – got the green and silver striped scarf. It smelled really plastic, so I will wash it first. But it is very cozy and long, I can wrap it quite some times around my neck. I love long scarfs (and I am a proud Slytherin). Also the emblem is leather and not a patch, that looks very nice.


Again a AMAZING Pin!!! I am head over heals. I mean I collect pins, so I am always happy about these pins. But this time it is another Horkrux from the book: The Amulet with the Slytherin emblem. It was Ron who destroyed it and it showed Harry and Hermione kissing. That was so weird – I was always Team Ron-Hermione!!

Again a great LootBox – I am very happy I continued the subscription. If you want to see the other boxes here and here.

Do you have any subscription boxes or had some? What are your experiences?

Love to hear that – until then thank you and bye bye ❤

4 thoughts on “Fandom #3: Harry Potter LootCrate Box”

  1. Haha, I saw this post right when I’m reading Harry Potter ^_^ Cool coincidence!
    I love all the things you got. I would have loved a Hufflepuff scarf seeing as I’m a Hufflepuff 😀
    I need to look up this subscription box, it’s super neat ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First welcome and thank you!! 🙂
      Definitely check the box out! There are always amazing things inside – and you can choose which house you want. So Hufflepuff is no problem 😉 I wanted to cancel it the last time (since it is more on the “expensive” side from all those subscription boxes), but I couldn’t xD it is just to great.


  2. I love seeing your Harry Potter lootcrates! Especially since I don’t think I can justify using the money on it myself. xD The pin is definitely my favourite from this box, next one is the scarf which should be Hufflepuff too if it was me.^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dear!! 🙂
      A freind of mine got hers in Ravencalw, that looks also very nice. I am sure the yellow/black on would also look great (But I am Slytherin all the way 😉 )


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