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Plotober #2: Characters, Timeline And Locations (- 22 Days)

So what happened in the meantime?

My main focus in the last days were characters, timeline and locations. I don’t want to make the mistake to describe the shop, for example, in different styles. But first things firsts


The first thing I did was to think about my three main characters: Marielle, Brigitte and Marinette. How do they look like, what are their good and bad sites, little history and so on… I alreads have some profiles on this blog, but I really wanted to go in detail with them.

Then I thought about all my other OCs that would be active in the novel or just be mentioned. I already have many information on my blog about them, but I had to put everything together – that took some time.

A great post about characters and how to build a “good” one was made by River on Strike A Spark, check it out. It also inspired me to look over my characters again.

Yes I need that…

It can be quite complicated, if you have so old characters like me (like the Loa, the Daevas and so on) and we speak about hundreds of years. Especially because of the Zombies, I kind of have a fix timeline. They are made in different ages and occasions, that are important for their history and character. The latest Zombie is Benedict, who died in Culloden in the 18th hundred. So the war between the Daveas and the other supernatural beings must have happened after the war between England and Scotland (1746). Of course I could just say, he is made before that, but 1) I really want him to have died there 2) Sam (who made all the Zombies), can only make one Zombie each century and vanished after the war, so I would have to reorganize all the other ones again too –no thank you!

I am still not sure if I am happy like that. But on the other hand, I have no energy to recreate the whole universe timeline until the first of November where NaNo starts. The story will take place in 2017, mostly parallel to our history and universe, but maybe with some little changes (that will be my interpretation freedom). So yeah. I think it will stay as it is.


I really have to think about this…

How does the shop look like, also where do the girls live, how do it look like, how do all the locations from other characters look like that are important for my story.  I am still not sure I planned all of them, but I think the main locations are done.

I really don’t want to describe the same place different each time… But I am sure other locations will pop up and I will add them in the planning sheet.

Are there any tips on location, timeline or anything else you can share? How do you plan? Do you even plan?

Okay thank you and Happy Planning – or not 🙂 cheers ❤

Edit 11.10.17: I used the tablet of my boyfriend for this post and it cut of the last sentence…next time I will use the computer again >____<

8 thoughts on “Plotober #2: Characters, Timeline And Locations (- 22 Days)”

  1. I, myself, am a pantster. I don’t work well when too much of the plot is hard in stone, but I do need a bit to make sure I’m not ending up a completely different place than intended.
    I could probably use more planning in regards to locations and such, so in a way, you have inspired me to figure out more about that.

    Your problem with your timeline is something I can relate to. I have discovered many stupid mistakes over the cause of years “planning” and “re-planning” this story, but I hope that now when I have decided to do things differently it’ll work out better.
    I hope your timeline works out 🙂

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    1. Oh I tried to write with any plan too. I have many beginnings here, with no story after 1 or 2 chapters. So my hope is, with some planning, that I will get further.
      But if this is the way, you can be creative, that is awesome! 🙂 Do you arleady have a direction you want the story to go?


      1. I do believe planning works for some people, but if I plan too much I get stuck. I wish I could plan everything out and write, but I know I would feel trapped in the story. 🙂 But I really hope it works for you!
        I have some major plotlines planned and I know the ending, but the rest is totally up for “in the moment”-decisions XD I work best when I can go: “Hmm, I wonder what would happen, if this character suddenly dies” or similar 🙂


      2. “if this character suddenly dies”
        Okay that I also don’t know – maybe someone will die… I am tempted to kill one or more characters, or maybe I will wait for the next book – if I want to write more…
        Ah I am so excited (also I didn’t write much on my plot the last days… that is not a good start xD )


  2. Ah I see so timeline can be of course a big thing and I like how much effort you put in it and the location too. It really sounds like a lot of work. I can imagine If i would write down some more of my “story” I would have a lot of problems too and so I admire you for taking this step! And yes rivers post was really excellent I loved that too! ^__^

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    1. This is the Problem I have right now. I have many facts and “history” in my head. To bring all of that together I really have to write everything down. The exciting part will be, when everything will be written down and is kind of a fix story… O__O


      1. Ah I bet it is! >.< But I wish you the very best and keep my fingers crossed for you! I am sure you will make it happen and wih a result to be proud of ^__^

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  3. Sounds live you’ve been quite busy! And it sounds like your story is coming together well. You’ve given us some interesting hints here & in the character profiles. I’m really excited to see how Marie, Brigitte, and Marinette will explore this world filled with different factions~

    Oh, and thank you for the reminder to make a timeline – Cloud and I should really do that too – there are some events for different characters that have to line up well or it won’t make sense.

    And thanks for the nice comment + link to my post! I’m glad you liked it. ^^


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