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ADAW 2017 #6: week 36-41

This was quite exhausting…

I shot all these pictures in one day! Why you ask? Don’t ask me…

I tried the last days and weeks to do a kind of week plan, but I failed in some points. I really was exhausted through work and I mostly slept – also I fell a bit behind with my NaNoWriMo Plotober things – but I managed to keep up with Inktober…
That is quite a lot at once, now that I think about it.

BUT back to my ADAW pictures…

ADAW 36/52 - What If

ADAW 36/52 – What If

What if I was alive?
What if I grew old?
Would you love me?
Could you??

Zelda is here on Zariks body – it is a Doll Chateau Kid 02 – and since they are not near the same skin color, I had to make the picture black and white. But I love her on this body – dammit!!! No…no… I will not buy a grey skin body for her ;____;

ADAW 37/52 - Sleep On Little One

ADAW 37/52 – Sleep On Little One

The flow’rets all sleep soundly,
Beneath the moon’s bright ray,
They nod their heads together,
And dream the night away.

The budding trees wave to and fro,
And murmur soft and low,
Sleep on! Sleep on, sleep on, my little one!

ADAW 38/52 - A Friend

ADAW 38/52 – A Friend

A friend is one who knows you

and loves you just the same.

– Elbert Hubbard –

(I will be so happy, when the trio will be complete)

ADAW 39/52 - "IT"

ADAW 39/52 – “IT”

Ray: Who is the best partner to watch “IT”?
…I don’t know…not me!
Ray: NOOOooo…a Clown silly *haha
… I don’t really like Clowns..

ADAW 40/52 - Ahriman (Part 1)

ADAW 40/52 – Ahriman (Part 1)

Ahriman looked like a young boy with big horns and red eyes, shining like rubies in the dark. He was once a god, then a Daevas, never satisfied and he always wanted more. Drunk by power, violence and dark energy, he pushed himself further and further. He absorbed every little darkness he could find, never resting or any mercy for himself and especially for others.

(a part of his story from the blog)

ADAW 41/52 - Ahriman (Part 2)

ADAW 41/52 – Ahriman (Part 2)

Ahriman was the first Daeva who was not only godlike, but also gain the powers and abilites of demons. He was also called the Snake, since this was his Symbol. He was unstoppable and assembled all these evil creatures around him.

(a part of his story from the blog)

Yes this is it – almost… We still have 11 pictures to go. I never thought to get this far.

So see you soon – Thank you and cheers ❤

7 thoughts on “ADAW 2017 #6: week 36-41”

    1. Thank you Dear ❤ I am also very surpised I managed to shot them all at once…. Ahriman is still on this body and decided he wants to stay like this (but I already said no xD)


  1. Lovely photos, dear! I’m also amazed that you took them all in one day – that must have taken a lot of stamina! Zelda looks quite dramatic in black-and-white with that POP of purple flowers, and it’s fun to see how Marie and Brigitte have evolved over time.

    Only 11 more weeks — you can do this! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess !!! But the last 11 with more ease and less stress xD
      It was really exhausting, especially with all the editing afterwards. But I am very happy I pulled through… Zelda really likes to be a grown woman… what to expect if you live hundreds of years as a child 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That does sound stressful. I hope the next few are fun & come together easily!

        Poor Zelda. . . maybe if she’s a very good girl, a good fairy will bring her a grown-up body one year. It could happen, right? XD

        Liked by 1 person

  2. As the others said, it’s impressive that you shot all these photos in one day! 😀
    I’m really liking the shot with Zelda. I love doll photos with frames and I’ve always wanted to try it. xD Also really loving the second shot of Ahriman!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my dear ❤
      I also always wanted to do a frame picture 😀 It wasn't that difficult, but first I wanted to do a doll in front and behind combo picture, but that was to much for me on that day…


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