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10 Minute Stories #1: Hocus Pocus Fidibus

„When you browse through the internet you find weird people, “ she said determined und looked up from her computer.
“What did you expect?” asked Sam und looked her in the eyes. “Einstein and Socrates?” She sighed annoyed. „No Samuel, “ that was a sign, that this wasn’t the answer Leni wanted to hear.

“But some moral skills a human should have.. Or do they all log in and think –HA! Now I can be an asshole and nobody can see me doing it?”
Sam stared at his sister and thought about it. “Yeah, yes, like that. I mean to be anonymous is a very tempting thing to forget a good childhood education.”
Interested he rolled with his chair besides her and looked on the screen. “What exactly pissed you off anyways? I mean you play a MMORPG. Run around as a witch and say Hocus Pocus Fidibus”

Leni watched at him closely. “I am a M-A-G-I-C-I-A-N with specialty fire and alchemy. I have a legendary armor, an ascended sword and I have rang 652 in world vs. world. I definitely do NOT say Hocus Pocus Fidubus!”
“Yes, yes,” he sighed and rolled back to his desk. “Anyways, I really want to know the reason.” “Ahh, doesn’t matter,” Leni said concentrated. “There is a dungeon I don’t know…”

And Leni was back in her world and Sam looked one last time over his shoulder. Right now she was killing a, he thought about it, maybe a big bird. He sighed again and turned back to his own screen. Women, was his last thought before he went back to watch YouTube videos.

This was the first short thought I wrote to my Role Online Story. It is an exercise to write something in 10 Minutes, without too many thoughts beforehand. I wrote it in German and tried my best to translate it in English (If you find any mistakes, grammar, logic etc., please be free to point it out!) – the German Versions are also on All my stories in english you can find here. More stories will come – Thank you and cheers ❤

8 thoughts on “10 Minute Stories #1: Hocus Pocus Fidibus”

      1. Heehee, how sneaky! XD That’s often the best, though, when a character just decides to exist. (Though it can mess up plans sometimes. . . . )

        How is VeVe coming along?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is okay i guess xD
        The quantity is fine – yesterday was only 800 words, but the rest of the days I got to my daily target.
        Quality is… Oh Lord… I mean it is a draft not a masterpiece, but hell I need to work on that novel, before I will show it to anybody lol

        How is it for Cloud and you? How are the girls?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Glad to hear you’ve been doing well – keep it up! By the end of the month, we’ll have awesome drafts! XD

        It’s been going well, thank you! Though we fell behind last week. Gotta write an extra 1.8k this week – but we’ll do it somehow. lol

        The girls. . . are doing as well as can be, considering all the drama we’re throwing at them. XD

        How are Marie and Brigitte doing?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That is good to hear ❤
        I am sure they can handle the drama somehow xD

        Marie is solving some supernatural cases, Nettie drinks too much. Brie has a depressive Episode and locked herself up…so yeah – everything is normal xD


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