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Plotober #3: Preparation, Storyline and OMG!! (-5 Days)

no no no no no …. Only 5 days left xD


I failed the last days a lot in preparing my plot. I sometimes think ether I am too stupid or too stressed – I hope it is the last one. Work was hard again. After a troublesome year, with lots of new colleagues and more responsibility, again there are colleagues who will leave us. One will go forever, one of them will go in another team and one will go in her well deserved pension (she only worked 50%). These are two and a half full time jobs, which we will get only a one and half position to fill back in… So we will lack a whole person – forever. And besides me and my boss nobody knows it… Yeah hate it, but that is not why I write you guys.

PLOTOBER! – back to bussiness

I decided because of my lack of time and energy, that I will leave the plot more open than wanted in the beginning.

I did a kind of outlining what should happen, what flashbacks should be in each part and that’s it. I decided to stick with my three parts, I wasn’t sure in between, and each part will be one case for the girls. Like ghosts, spirits and so on… We will see where it will take me.

Also I decided to write the flashbacks in a person perspective. In the novel I am the all knowing storyteller, but in that cases I really want to show the story from another perspective. So there will be some switching…

November 1st is a bank holiday in Germany, but maybe I will only write what I must. The next two days I am off, but my BF has to work. So I want to use these two days to get some word puffer… With lots of Mate and snacks (what is Mate? It is a tee based drink with lots of coffein πŸ˜€ )

That is basically all I can say right now… My hope still glimmers in the distance. Lol – but seriously I am not ready to give up, before I even tried!!

So stay strong and cheeeerrrrsss ❀ ❀

edit: oh yeah… and I translated some stories of mine – I posted the first one today and the next Fridays I think πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Plotober #3: Preparation, Storyline and OMG!! (-5 Days)”

  1. You can do it, Rachel! \(^o^)/ Mate sounds good. . . though I’ll be using chocolate to fuel my writing. (LOL)

    Looking forward to reading your stories, too! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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