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10 Minute Stories #2: The Oger

The Oger stared at him, glowing yellow eyes and long, bloody teeth. Both were pointing directly at him and he slightly tensed his arms. In his head he was ready to blow the magic against this monster. The Oger began to run and got faster in the direction of SilentDeath.

SilentDeath raised his right hand and a green light emerged from it. It crawled from his palm, over the ground to the creature. The Oger ran in the light and it began to waft around it feet. It realized that it began to get weaker and weaker, the energy flowed out of its body like a river. But it continued to run to the human, who disturbed his territory.

This time SilentDeath lifted his scepter and made a swift move with it. The air began to sum and little black mosquitoes appeared. Bloodsucking Insects attacking the target in front of him. They grew more and more and they stabbed through the leathery skin, like it was paper.

SilentDeath took this time the scepter in his left hand and made a quick movement.  Suddenly there was humming and a swarm of  black mosquitoes appeared. Bloodsucking insects, which directly attacked the green target in front of them. They became more and more, stung through the thick leathery skin like it was paper. SilentDeath changed to his black sword, that he pulled swiftly out of his sword sheath. Then he leaped at the monster. Black light broke from the top of his sword and even the dumb Oger realized, that’s it.
Frank leaned back in his chair after the fight and looked on the screen. His avatar just created a Bloodsoldier out of the dead Oger and he had a little break. It made a little noise and he saw, that Kenta was online.

18:45 tAmAchan: Where are you?

Frank smiled and answered him. When he looked back to SilentDeath, the Oger was gone. Instead there floated a black, indefinable thing besides him. He went some steps back to the exit and turned then to the place, where the Oger was before.

Yellow eyes starred at him. Bloody teeth were fletched, ready to attack him.

This was the second story I wrote in 10 minutes. For my standards it is not great quality, but I got faster and was able to write more in 10 minutes than before. If I would use this paragraph in a whole story, I would definitely work some more on it. But I like the small interaction between two of the main characters. That would be a good start in a whole chapter with these two and their relationship.
As always you can find the original German version here and  more stories in english here. If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes, please feel free to point it out! Thank you and cheers ❤

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