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NaNoWriMo2017 #2: Unexpected Characters, Story Tools and Motivation 2.0

Hello again 🙂

NaNo continues and it is my main activity at home, especially after 8pm my brain starts to work. But it is not always easy, but let’s see:

My current word count: 25.034 words

Unexpected Characters

There are some great characters who joined my journey and also affected the whole story I created. Here are my two favorite new members of the universe:

Constantine – she is a transgender Female, born male – she is a Shaman and taught herself quite some skills, she sometimes helps out in the shop and loves to hang around in the shop also in her free time. She will be a reappearing  character (and wants to be a doll… for those who don’t know my blog – this is a doll collector speaking. lol). She has a bad mouth but a big heart. I love her already!

Horst – yes that is a real name, it is a German name and I laughed so much, since I first named him like this for fun but it got stuck. He is a truck driver who picked up Marie on the road when she was 15 and a runaway. He-is-so-lovely. But I don’t think he will come back. He has three daughters, who he adores and loves to show their pictures around. He is the one who tells Marie about Sailormoon – yes this conversation happened.

Story Tools

First I wrote with two open documents in Open Office. One is the story, of course, in the second one is everything else. Every person, story line, locations, time line. Yes I had everything in one text document and it was a mess. I always had to scroll up and down, search for the part I need and it not only took me more time to find something, but also got me sometimes completely out of my rhythm.

Then on someone mentioned yWriter – it is a free writing and plotting software, where you can organize everything! You can make character profiles with pictures, locations, and so on. It is also possible to split your story in chapters and scenes, where you can add for example the characters, who are in the scene. So you are able to look them up at all times, if needed.

I put everything in this software, all information I gathered over the last weeks. I also split my chapters into scenes – mostly based on location or what is happening – and made little notes in them what should happen. This is so much easier! I still write in open office, but I copy paste when the scene s done everything in yWriter. There are even more options and I still find out, what I can do with it. I really recommend it!!

Motivation 2.0
The struggle is real xD

I am really surpised that I wrote each day since day one. But to be honest that is the main reason I am still writing in the first place. I think if I would have stopped at one point I would have stopped completely.

The first day of NaNo is still the day with the most words. I don’t know why, maybe because everything was fresh and new but I don’t think I will be ever over 3500 words a day again and that is fine. I am still a little bit over that what I should have…

A suggestion a friend made, I took really to heart. She said that you don’t have to write chronological – you can always skip to another scene and write there, if you can, so maybe later it is easier to continue with the other. That is something I didn’t thought about myself… so I did this the last three days and it was so much easier for me and i managed to write quite a lot (for me).

Yes that is it for now 🙂

We will see what will happen next – I wish you all motivation and inspiration!!
cheers ❤

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo2017 #2: Unexpected Characters, Story Tools and Motivation 2.0”

  1. I have always liked to write, but it has mostly been popular science articles or thoughts on some happenings in the world, but nothing in a story telling way. Had some stories to tell, when the kids were small, but that time is long gone 😀 now with teenagers.
    When it comes to motivation, I agree with your friend. One of my teachers said that there is no law that makes you write chronological, you can start in the middle or even with the end. And one should not think too much when writing. Just let the words flow and do the changes later on.
    Keep on writing!

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  2. Aww I love the new character Ideas, you are so creative (Horst is cool XD) It is cool that there are sites which can help you out with such an important and bigger project! Didn’t know that! Yes the motivation can be sometimes mean >-< but I think your friend is right, if you are "stuck" or just feeling like writing for some other scene or so, it can be better to use that motivation or the ideas for a "skip" ! I wish you much fun dear, keep on ^___^

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