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10 Minute Stories #3: Football’s Coming Home

Alfies jaw was hurting.

And his arm.

He was angry and depressed. Manchester United lost. HIS Manchester had lost.
He couldn’t understand the world anymore.

He almost roughly rubbed his jaw and didn’t made it really any better like that. Then also … Oh doesn’t matter. He really wanted to stop beating, just to let off steam. He had to restrain himself better, and as Frank said, he should use his energy differently.

He was almost at home and it was already dawning. Alfie froze now. “Shit,” he murmured, he wanted to be there at last. In his home, in his room, on his PC. The headset buckled and finally able to play. Because that was something he was good at.

He was a warrior and would show it to all. Not like before, it broke through his thoughts. Alfie grumbled. “Yes, yes,” he growled to himself. “To blame … Big flap … Better know …” A cold wind swept through his thin bomber jacket and he wrapped his fan’s scarf around his neck. He sniffed and could finally see his house. “Finally.” Slowly it became really uncomfortable outside. The clouds passed faster, the sky darkened, and was that a rumbling in the distance?

Alfie was at last at his garden door and looked up at his window. Maybe the others were already online, he thought. Then we could make another raid. With this thought his tense mood loosened and a small smile crept on his face. He liked the others – his clan.
Even the girls were okay.

He was about to go inside, then he heard it.
“City – Manchester City. We are the lads who are playing to win. City – the Boys in Blue will never give in ”  Immediately a cold shot through his blood and slowly he turned to the guy. Who just showed him the middle finger.
“You did not really, you wanker,” murmured Alfie, clenching his fists.
Then he approached the idiot.

This is a original Mancherster City chant by the way. (I mentioned it before on my 30 facts blog post, I am a huge football/soccer fan). Alfie reminds me of so many boys I met during football games. So spirited and passionate young men, but also sometimes so plain stupid.
But the story: I really enjoyed this one, he is so cute. I had not many information about him and his character before, but he kind of decided to became one of my favorites during the writing process. That was new for me, but very fun. Oh and sorry for his language – he has some bad habits. So this is story number three I wrote and this time I think the quality was a bit better.
As always you can find the original German version here and  more stories in english here. If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes, please feel free to point it out! Thank you and cheers ❤

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