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Photography #1: Streetart + Art

I love to take pictures. Especially since I can use the camera of George (my lovely BF)

It is awesome ❤

I thought it would be a fun series not only to share some short stories of mine, but also to share other photographs I took over the years. So lets start with Streetart and Art.

London Street Art 01

London Street Art 02

London Street Art 03

London Street Art 04

London Street Art 05

London Street Art 06

London Street Art 07

London Street Art 08

London Street Art 09

London Street Art 10

Die Vita - The Vita

Eine Reise -  A Journey 02

Eine Reise -  A Journey 01

Der Schwimmer - The Swimmer

The wood sculptures are from a friend of mine named Mathias Schneider. More Information on my flickr.

Do you like to take pictures? If yes, of what – people, architecture, landscapes?

Thank you and cheers

2 thoughts on “Photography #1: Streetart + Art”

  1. Wonderful photos and art. Street art is something “new” over here in my little country in the north and there are some places in a city nearby where big walls has been decorated with different art. It feels like an open exhibition and it makes the city beautiful.
    I like to photograph almost anything, but have a fondness for skies and weather.

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    1. I love pictures which just shows how people see the world, what gets their attention and how they see things. I would love too see photographs you took, it is always so interesting


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