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10 Minute Stories #4: Like A Thought

She stood on the edge of the fight and looked at her replicas, how they fought the monsters. Purple lights fell from their hands and became lightning. The monsters burned up and one by one vanished.

Stoghana looked into her inventory. Nothing interesting.
She sighed and turned back to the city. She knew she should not go to the difficult levels on her own. She would not survive alone for a second, as her vitality would not be enough.

Three other adventurers, all in the same clan, ran past her. Like a common thought, like a human being. Stoghana sighed again and looked after the three yearningly. She had thought about joining a clan for a long time, but that was not so easy. There were really only three different types of clans.

The inactive collector.
A crowd of people who do not communicate with each other. No help. No joint actions. Only the name. And what brought her a name, she needed people, not letters.

The hyperactive time-eater.
That sounded hard, but joining this kind of clan required everything – time, strength, concentration, and total dedication. No more privacy and “real life”. That was too hard for her. But maybe with the right people? No. She also had a life next to the computer. And the music. “No,” she muttered again loudly and shook her head vehemently. The clan she sought was the third and most enjoyable species.

A mixture of both extremes. And ideally even friendship, advice and community. She sighed again, aware that finding this type of clan was absolutely Utopian.

At that moment a ping resounded at the edge of the screen and a message appeared in the chat.

12:45 SilentDeath: Hi! 🙂 My name is Frank and I belong to the Faith of Ronin … Are you looking for a clan?

Stoghana thought for a moment, smiled and started typing her answer.

12:48 Stoghana: Hello … yes maybe. By the way, I’m Alva.

I am a little torn with this story. It was intended to be something complete different, but it took me in a complete other direction while I wrote it. That can be good, but it also can be very frustrating. For NaNo I knew, that I needed a loose red string, so it won’t happen in an extent and I would loose my original way complete.
Here it was fine I guess, since that world is very open for me and mostly I just want to experiment there and have fun.
As always you can find the original German version here and  more stories in english here. If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes, please feel free to point it out! Thank you and cheers ❤

4 thoughts on “10 Minute Stories #4: Like A Thought”

  1. I really like your 10 minutes Stories project! And enjoy reading it. (Also excited for more x3) Thank you for sharing! I’m happy to read you still have the fun part of your writing in mind, I think it is important and things will come easier!

    Liked by 1 person

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