NaNoWriMo2017 #4: After Match And Resume

So what happened?

How did I do?

From the picture you already know that I won the National Novel Writing Month (NaNOWriMo) 2017 – barely.
Total word count I validated on 29.11.2018 was: 50.019 words.

So time for a little resume:

1 – Plotober and Preptober

Plotober was such a good idea!! But for next year I will have to do even more preperations than this year. My Novel was planned in prologue, 2 parts and epilogue. I made a lot of notes for the first part, but nearly none for the second. Also the way I thought everything would happen changed a lot during the writing process.

Plotober is important – but I will have to plan a little bit more and especially to make my story line logical… I think for a next time it would also be good to actually discuss my idea with someone. Maybe that was something that I missed during Plotober/Preptober and one reason I didn’t do enough.

Here you can find my Plotober posts #1#2#3.

2 – Time Management and Stats

The first week of NaNo was easy… yes easy. I didn’t have to work, I had time to write when I want and with peace. I had time to think, to adjust everything and to do some free time stuff with my BF. But then I had to go back to work and it got exhausting.

You can see my stats (these are from the NaNo homepage) and that I struggled through the end. Especially the third week was really hard and I was not sure if I could finish this project at all. On the 29-11-18 I sat infront of another laptop – with low energy, doubts, burning brain and my own broken laptop by my side- and I thought: get a grip of yourself and finish this Bit**. And so I did… easy-peasy… not really.



3 – Energie Level and Motivation 3.0

I did many different projects this year – for dolls, drawing, writing and so on – but NaNo was the most energy sucking one of the whole bunch… excuse my language in this post, but I am so happy to be done xD

My Laptop broke two days before NaNo ended and that didnt’ help at all! Like dead – like I-will-work-no-more dead! I was able to rescue everything on my external hard drive, but on the 28-11-18 I was so annoyed and had no motivation, that I almost quit… Georg, my other and better half, gave me his small, old, but working laptop and many hugs, so I can write and finish on it. And btw. that laptop broke yesterday… what is happening?!

So I squished everything I had out of my brain one day before NaNo ended and when I saw the “you won” sign, I collapsed and went straight to bed!

I had big help to keep in this Project at all, through different people on the internet and at home. I needed that! I don’t think I could handle it alone, without some encouraging words! I am very grateful!

A big thank you to River, Yureya, Roterwolkenvogel, Khell, Santana, JanaBanana, all the other kind words from you guys on the Internet – also Elvira, my sister and my most beloved Georg!! Who encouraged me with snacks, drinks, hugs, kisses and cuddles…
…I sound like a Oscar Winner xD

Here you can find my other NaNo posts: #1#2.

4 – End Result and Next year?

Yes I will do it again… and no please no more for now xD

The book is not finished. In the end the novel became 3 parts and I still have to write about four till five chapters. But for now I don’t want to.
This effect is kind of sad, that I don’t want to see or hear of Veve right now. But I write again – here and there. I write about something different at the moment. I wrote another 10 Minutes (I already translated it and I think I planned it for this week?!), also I wrote a short story with some biographic elements of my work life (only in German for now) and I think in January I will continue with Veve and finish it.
So everything went not as planned but worked out somehow…


How did you Projects go? Did you finish in time? Are you happy with your result?

Let me know 🙂 – Until then thank you and cheers ❤

7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo2017 #4: After Match And Resume”

  1. Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉
    It was difficult, but you made it through!
    50,019 words – and most of the way through VeVe – you were amazing this month!
    Enjoy your break – you deserve it! ^^

    For Cloud and I, we managed to complete NaNo this year – somehow.
    This is the first time I’ve ever completed NaNo, so I’m very happy. (TTuTT) And very tired, lol!
    Wre only maybe 1/4 of the way through the story. So there’s still a lot we have to do. . . . But first, a little time to rest. ^^
    Thank you for cheering us on! It was so nice to encourage each other during this challenge! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CONGRATZ to you too River and Cloud!!!! <3<3
      Wow your story will be a ong one – that is great, that you have so many things to tell 🙂
      Are you already writing again… I am not xD I still need some space…. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you!
        Yes, it will be long. . . somehow it turned out that way. (LOL)
        Nope, we’ve set it aside for a while so we can rest. Just like you, we need some space, haha! Maybe next week we’ll feel like looking at it. . . ^^

        It sounds like you’ve expanded VeVe – it’s going to be pretty long too, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m glad that NaNo was a (mostly?) good experience (even though both laptops died. . . that’s a bad coincidence, eh?). Enjoy your break, and I hope you feel like working on VeVe again soon! In the meantime, I’ll catch up on your 10 Minute Stories! XD

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my!! This is amazing !! Congrats Nana ❤ !! Well those are really fantastic news indeed, I am hapopy for you, because you totally deserve it. Surely a nice reward for all the passion and work you put in your writing.
    Glad you fought your way through, especially besides all this effort next to a working week is tough. You are admirable! And yay for life-safer Georg ^^
    Wish the best for you that you might get a new laptop soon!

    And your words ;///; ❤ aww i feel honored! Thanks so much! I enjoyed this little journey with you! I really did. I’m happy you had such great support from others too ❤
    Have a lovely week! ^___^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dear Yureya <3I always appreciate your support and kind words…
      And yes, Georg was a life saver xD – My Snack bringer lol
      I am already in love with a latop but it is so expensive…maybe after christmas I can buy it…somehow xD


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