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10 Minutes Story #5: The Saint

Dae was the perfect daughter. She had good manners, looked always beautiful and listened to what her parents said and got high grades. Her laboriously constructed external image was unapproachable and perfect. As it should be.

Her parents had high expectations of her, but that was normal for Korean standards. She often received surprised looks when she told what else she did next to school.
Violin lessons once a week.
Ballet once a week.
Tutoring twice a week, although she did not really need one.

Dae had moved from Seoul to Germany with her family 2 years ago and went now to an international school. She did not care where she lived or where she went to school. Dae could not handle humans well and humans could not handle her.

She did not really have friends in her school and was more of an outsider, admired or hated by most, or both. It did not really matter to her, actually. But sometimes she was very lonely and alone in her room the mask fell.

One night she was sitting at her computer to do some research that her father had told her. She didn’t have enough to do, she thought, staring at the screen. She typed in various search engines and suddenly an ad popped up. She was about to close it, but something made her stop.

It showed a knight, a strong man in shimmering armor. His sword glowed in the white fire and his helmet had big horns. Fascinated, she read the words “Role Online MMORPG”, an online game. She had never had anything to do with these games and has not been interested in them so far. Anyway, her parents would have gone wild if she installed that on her PC. She thought about that and a smile crept over her face. Her parents would go crazy if they knew she was playing this. If they would knew.

Dae clicked on the page and was redirected to the homepage of the game. >Play Free< was written there and you could just download it. She thought one last time about the possible consequences and clicked on the button. It took more than an hour to get the game ready and finally started. She opened the game, turned the music to the lowest level and looked at the character menu. She was able to choose gender, class and race. She thought about it and took a guardian. She wanted exactly what she had seen in the picture.

> Please enter a name < was shown now. Dae thought for a moment and eventually entered ‘The Saint’. Her heart beat in her the chest and for the first time in weeks, no for years she was excited.

This is one of newer short stories to my Role Online Universe. I was able to write more fluent and I think it is more like a beginning to a whole chapter than something from inbetween. Dae is a diffucult character, she struggles a lot and doesn’t show many emotions. I tried to let her seem like that girl, without portraing her as a bit** or as a Mary Sue. (too perfect)
I really saw the difference in my writing here since I wrote it during my NaNo Project time. I am a little bit faster collecting my thoughts and the general story line, but also the story itself seems more fluent. I really want to continue writing over the next month! I think it is great to get you thoughts out there.
As always you can find the original German version here and  more stories in english here. If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes, please feel free to point it out! Thank you and cheers ❤

3 thoughts on “10 Minutes Story #5: The Saint”

  1. Ohh this really got me into it, I am si excited now how the story continues after reading Dae starting the game. So lovely written too ^__^ it is great to see that you learned also a lot due to you NaNo project!
    Nana do /did you play also online games? ^^

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    1. I also noticed that it is easier for me to write after I wrote so much the last month… 😀
      Thank you for noticing…

      And yes I love to play games in generall, but I am also a huge Guild Wars fan since – eh let me think – more than 10 years now. I already played the first one and now Guild Wars 2. But not as addicted as when I was younger. I think then I played like 10 to 12 hours a day xD now I play only some days, when I am in the mood… you also play some games 🙂 I always check your blog for the things you play 😉

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      1. This is so great to hear ^___^

        Ahh so it’s the same with me! ^^ My first “addiction” online was WoW though. But I also played GW2 for a while (but not the new addon) I also feel like I was way more caught up on online games in my “younger” (XD) years. Thank you ^//^

        Liked by 1 person

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