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Doll Meet #3: Munich Christmas Meet

So yesterday my local BJD group met ♡

Finally we were able to get almost everyone in one place again. We went to eat in a local chinese restaurant, had some creme brulee by our sweet host Nufa, took some pictures and had some presents for everyone! Besides me there was Nufa, Van♡ri, JanaBanana, Teru, Khell, Roterwolkenvogel and her lovely Mum.

I took only a few pictures, since I am still noob to shot some decent pictures without proper light or my camera stand.. This is somthing I want to improve next year… but that is another subject 😉

Here is a little group picture and some singel shots. I really hope to see them all soon again, I always enjoy those meet ups ♡

Doll Meet up 03

Doll Meet up 02

Doll Meet up 04

Doll Meet up 01

10 thoughts on “Doll Meet #3: Munich Christmas Meet”

      1. There was a time where I did, but now the people doing meet-ups in my area are people who know each other very well, so I find it a little difficult to go to those meets. But I still meet with my friends once in a while. 😀

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      2. I was very surprised how welcoming and nice everyone here is. Maybe if you try it they could be nice 🙂
        If you are ever in Munich let me know 😉


  1. Oh this looks like you had a nice time, so great! Look at all the cute and beautiful dolls wow! Very cozy too ^__^ and this little christmas tree looks precious!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ♥️
      The Christmas tree was so cute! And made a great mood. It is just difficult to make more pictures, since it got too dark too soon… But hopefully the next meets will be with more light


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