**Merry Christmas**

~**I wish you all a Merry Chistmas**~

I wish you and your Family some great days, good food and happy memories. 

~** A Big Hug To You All **~


Also this is my 100th blog entry!!

I just had to get that out of my system since it is amazing – for my endurance and energy level – that I am still here and that you are still here.

hello dear friend and reader! 

Some things I really want to say before the next year starts… 

  1. ADAW 2017 is finished with 45 pictures. There will be a post about it but for this year I am not able to do the last 7 pictures in time
  2. I will do a 2017 Resume and a 2018 plan blog, maybe in the first week of Januar
  3. I did a Commission for a friend, but I will tell you that next year… 
  4. Also I am working on Brie and I will share some interesting things with you
  5. I want to make more videos in 2018, but I am still planning how and what
  6. Also I plan a little surprise for you guys 😊

    I will have a little break for now. So see you next year. Love and hugs!! Cheers ♥️

    7 thoughts on “**Merry Christmas**”

    1. Oh and sorry for my double comment (and off topic 😦 you can delete the comment if you like after that!), but I would really like to add you to my featured blog list on my site! ^_^ So do you have an icon or tiny banner which I can use for a link? ^^


      1. Oh wow – this is so sweet, thank you ❤
        I also thought about using those tiny things on my blog of the blogs I love… do you have one?
        I don't have one yet…maybe that is a nice project for today or tomorow – I'll let you know :3

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You are very welcome! I am looking forward to it! ^_^ ❤ You can find mine a bit hidden in my FAQ site! You can choose from wich you want to use!

          Liked by 1 person

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