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The End of 2017

This is a kind of tradition in this hobby – or maybe any hobby – to look what you have done, or not done and what you want to do the next year. Like always I will split this up and start with what happened 2017…

Incomings from 2017

Again a lot of dolls or doll parts moved in with me… I really thought it wasn’t that much, but when I looked up who is now on my home list I was surprised.

  1. Azone Pure Nemo Flying Witch Makoto Kowata
  2. Doll Chateau Colin girl in tan skin
  3. Doll Chateau Debbie head
  4. Doll Chateau Hugin
  5. Doll Chateau Red Riding Hood
  6. Doll Zone Freddy.2 head
  7. Doll Zone Egg
  8. New Obitsu.2 body
  9. Withdoll MSD male body
  10. Doll Chateau Charles head

I did not show the DC Charles head to you – did I? Here is Marinettes head which will get on the Summerbird Viola body:


Projects 2017
  1. A Doll A Week 2017 – finished with 45/52 pictures
  2. Three Youtube Videos
  3. InkotberxWitches 2017 – finished with all the 31 pictures
  4. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2017- finished with 50.019 words
  5. Stories, Stories, Stories – I tried to write as much as possible

DIYs 2017

This is my favorite part of the hobby – create, sew and design things for my dolls. I made again some wigs, even the fact I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to make some again. Also I did my first commission – which went well…

  1. Two wigs one for Flora and one for Marielle
  2. Finished Floras outfit
  3. Finished Zariks Outfit
  4. Full body blush for Faunus
  5. Full body blush for Beelzebub
  6. Zarik and Taru got a face up
  7. Brigitte and Marie got a new face up
  8. IKEA Diorama for my Azones
  9. Agash got her dress and is kind of finished
  10. Tyr – belongs to Roterwolkenvogl – got his full set clothes and was able to go home…
  11. Some crochet things for Brie

Number 10 and 11 will be shown in 2018 :3
I am still preparing the posts and I am not finished with Bries project.

Other stuff
  1. I got some great Harry Potter things from my Lootcrate Boxes
  2. I tried to take more photographs from landscapes, people and street art/art
  3. I started to collect pins again – still love it 😉
  4. I was able to see my local girls ❤

Best thing that happened in 2017:

to get the whole dolly story together and improve all my characters. Also all the face ups and clothes I made this year 🙂

Bad thing that happened in 2017:

Stress – mostly work or work related… and the lack of energy.

Highlight of 2017: 

For one to order a Doll with four arms!! FOUR ARMS!! *dead*
Also I got my first artist face up for Aeshma by Swandzz-Pintsizedpalace


So this was 2017… I think I am kind of satisfied how it went, but there are still thing I want to improve. I realized that this hobby also helps me to improve my energy level and my motivation. I am kind of lazy sometimes, who isn’t, but also I lack mostly on energy and motivation. There were again some really bad days this year, especially at work, but I managed to pull through…


What did you do? Did you do everything you plan? Did your plans change? What was your highlight?

Part two will be up in a few days, there I will talk about my 2018 plans. Also on the 7th of January should be my first ADAW 2018 picture up xD we will see…

See you and thank you for your time – Cheeeeers ❤


6 thoughts on “The End of 2017”

  1. Ah yes it is always great and interesting to see what you achived for yourself or see improvements! ^__^ Thanks for sharing them it is so cool to get a little resume of your blog journey too! I hope 2018 will not be as stressfull >.<
    Your DIY are always such a lovely special highlight it is nice to see your ideas come to life! Let's give our best this year too! I am looking forward to your work, drawings, strories and more!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well all in all Rachel, it sounds like you had a pretty successful year! You certainly achieved a lot of what you set out to do, which is more than I can say for myself. UGH!
    I will be looking in from time to time to see how you do this year. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Xanadu ❤
      I think dollywise 2017 was a good year. But don't stress yourself, I can say from my experiences: do what you can and enjoy it, everything else can wait


  3. Looks like an active year! Wonderful! 🙂 It feels, during the year, that I have not done so much of the things I planned. But when put into lists, then you can see that it was a pretty good year. And as you mention, it is always better to enjoy ones hobby and not compare the amount of things done or push oneself to crazy limits.

    Liked by 1 person

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