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The Plans For 2018

This year I really want to continue the work on my dolls.

2017 was quite busy, as you can see here in part 01, but I am still not all happy about everything. Again this year starts with naked dolls, no face ups, missing clothes and so on. Sometimes I think to redo things, before I finished everything I already started…

I thought a lot about the projects for this year and at first I wanted to do a detailed list. But I will leave it as vague as possible, since plans can always change…

But let’s start with my waiting and wish list for 2018.

Waiting List:

  1. Souldoll Spider Queen with the Gana head – ordered on 30.09.2016
  2. Summerbird BJD Violy body only – ordered on 17.07.2017

Wish List:

  1. Doll Chateau KID male body 06
  2. Miracle Doll Jing head
  3. Souldoll Sweeter Lily
  4. Doll  Eves Extreme Oriental Cat female

  1. Work more on the Azone Diorama
  2. Maybe a little short photo story for them
  3. Face ups/Body blushing/ Tattoos for: Izel (former Griselda), Brigitte Vers.2, Marinette, Aka Manah (incoming), maybe Zarik, maybe Taru, Astovidatu (incoming, will be send to Swandzz), Ahriman small, Flora
  4. clothes for: Brigitte, Marinette, Aeshma, Zarik (skirt), Gaia
  5. wigs: Marielle, Izel, Brigitte, Zarik, Aeshma, Ahriman big
  6. new eyes: Izel, Brigitte, Marinette
  7. more props and things for my dolls
  8. more shoes

  1. Finish NaNo 2017 “VeVe”
  2. Plotober + NaNo 2018
  3. 100 quotes project for Role Online
  4. more 10 Minutes stories
  5. more “stroies of a social worker” (on – but only in german, sorry :/ )

  1. ADAW – A Doll A Week 2018
  2. learn more how to crochet
  3. sew more
  4. more photography
  5. maybe Inktober?!

The Viola body will be send out somewhere in January, so it could be here in February or March?! This is really exciting…

It sounds like a lot what I want to do this year, but we will see what I will actually do or what will change over the next years… Tomorrow will be the first ADAW pictures up. Like I said I decided to upload each picture on Sunday for… how long I decide I will do it xD

So nothing more to say than what are your plans?

Love and cheers ❤

9 thoughts on “The Plans For 2018”

  1. Those are wonderful plans Nana! Reading about them makes me so motivated too ^__^ I am especially looking forward to your Face-ups and new characters (so also stories!) And woooow at the Souldoll spider Queen! I’m very excited to your new year 2018, all the inspiration and energy from you! ^-^

    My “year 2018” list turned out quite bigger than I excpeted too, even though I wanted just to keep a focus on a few things. A big part is probably about my organization with all the clothes and decorations I have.^^

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    1. Thank you Dear!! I am rreally happy, that I can inspire you. And I am excited to see where your jounrey will take you this year. I should also organize a few things… hopefully I will get more space this year, when we finally find a new flat… If you find a good system let me know xD

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      1. Hihi ^///^thanks again! Oh this sounds exciting I wish you much success with finding a new flat! Oh I will ^^ (if I can really find something practical) x3

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  2. Great plans! 😀 I need to buy a Souldoll Kid someday. Juno is tempting me so much haha.
    Sorry for asking but how much does the cat cost? And how tall will she be? I need a cat for one of my characters someday, and I find that the Iplehouse ones are too cute.

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    1. Juno is so cute – I really like the floppy ear version xD

      I have the same problem with the Iplehouse and the LUTS cats. They are too cartoony and cute – very cute – but they do not fit into my story or aesthetic – the homage is:
      There are different cats, dogs or even spiders. The cat can be bought between 4cm up to 10 cm. So you can choose a cat fit for Yosd till SD. There are different body blushings, eyes and so on to be ordered. It is quite amazing.
      The downside is that they are on the expensive side. The cat I would love to have: Extrem Oriental, fully assembled, 6cm, gray tabby, female, two heads and eyes, would be 476.10$… and then the shipping.
      I really want this cat since… 2 years now?! But this year I will do it xD


      1. I really want an MSD size cat as well. The cute cartoony version is indeed adorable, but I think a realistic one would work better. Is 6cm the best option for MSDs?
        Thaks a lot for helping me ^^

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  3. Lovely plans! Have not thought of my plans yet and I think that this year will be one of those years when I try to take it as it comes. Especially with the hobbies. Go with my feeling.
    I do just adore the Doll Eves Extreme Oriental Cat female – need to check that shop and see what they have. Just for fun, for now.

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