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ADAW 2018 #1

01/52 Dreary Thoughts

Black and white
Depression behind my skull

Brigitte lost her husband many years back and she often escapes in alcohol. She is a supernatural being so the human sicknesses of alcohol abuse won’t affect her. Nevertheless she often hides for days in her bedroom with whiskey and the diaries of her lost love…


Brigitte 01 Brigitte 02

Brigitte 03 Brigitte 04

side note:

I thought it would be nice to write some thoughts or information about my characters or the pictures each week. I already included poems or little things before, but since each pictures will be posted individually, I think it would be nice to get to know them.ย Also I will include sometimes bonus pictures of the shooting ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “ADAW 2018 #1”

    1. Thank you Lise โค
      To be honest I never thought about how she feels since I wrote NaNo. It whole situation is quite depressing…
      And yes, death is always hard, especially for the loved ones that are left behind… but Brigitte is a strong woman, so eventually things will change.


  1. Oh dear, doesn’t Brigitte realise drink won’t help at all, it only makes things more complicated. I do hope she comes to her senses soon and realises there are other ways to deal with grief.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Since Brigitte is a Voodoo Loa – a spiritlike Beeing – acohol and cigars kind of belong to their essence of life… that is quite paradox, because the Loa only live from the essence of the sacrifices the human give them. But at one point the Loa began to drink and smoke for pleassure. She doesn’t have the negative effects like humans, so she never experinced the limits and consequences of alcohol abuse… I think you are very right, that alcohol is not a way to deal with emotions in general… Hopefully she will learn that too, but she is strong so there is hope


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