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Doll Commission #1: Fantasy Cowboy

Hello dear friends 🙂

I made something the last couple of month for my Dollie friend Bird aka Roterwolkenvogl. She asked me in the beginning of 2017 if I can sew some things for her beautiful Uno Brother Zest… and I said yes. His Name is Tyr and he belongs to the amazing story of Bird (check it out!!). Here he is:

Tyr the Handsome

(If you saw my ADAW posts you recognize him from some pictures 😉 – Oh my Gosh he is so handsome ❤ )

She was so patience with me xD And fun to work with. We talked a lot about his style, fabrics, accessories and so on. The theme was “Black Fantasy Cowboy”.

Here are some inspirational pictures we decided on, that helped me to get a concept for this handsome man. I also made a mood board on Pinterest, that really helped too.

cowboy inspiration pinteret

So what did I make?

  1. Long John Underware – white Cotton Jersey
  2. Trouser – balck fake Leather
  3. Shirt – black Cotton
  4. Vest – black Gabardine
  5. Duster – black fake Leather and Garbardine
  6. Accessoires: Hip belt with holster and small belt bag – breast belt with two Holster – black fake Leather scarf

The results:

Doll Commission 01 Doll Commission 02

Doll Commission 03 Doll Commission 04

Doll Commission 05 Doll Commission 06

Doll Commission 07

Doll Commission 08

All the pieces side by side:

Doll Commission 09

It took some time to find all the fabrics, fake leather and especially little buttons and belt buckles. I also tried to make a hat, but I failed there xD. Nevertheless the most time consuming thing was the trouser, since it has to fit so he can stand, sit and move in it. The Duster I am really proud of. It has front pockets, lining and these shoulder things with some stiched details. He is quite heavy, but he really moves nice like that. The Duster is also my general favorite Cowboy cloth, such a cool coat style! Also the vest and the shirt have real button holes, that was a little challenge.

I already have another Dollie friend who wants a Russian SD coat for her lovely Lady, so a new project for this year and I of course will show you the result.

So till then and thank you for your time – cheers ♡

6 thoughts on “Doll Commission #1: Fantasy Cowboy”

  1. Oh my god! You are amazing Nana! The outfit looks amazing and unique, but also close to real references and historic! Oh I am very speechless! What an amazing result. I loves to watch your progress and the final view! ^^ Your so good in sewing too, talented in many ways this is admirable!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am always amazed when I see people sew such intricate outfits. I can only dream of ever reaching that level (although it will never happen, I’m just not very good at sewing). I love the design and colours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so much ! ❤ And welcome 🙂
      I love to sew and this is one of the main reasons this hobby is so appealing to me – but sometimes this scale can make you go crazy haha…


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