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ADAW 2018 #2

02/52 Toxicity

ADAW 2018 - 02/52 Toxicity

Zarik travels the two realms, the world of the humans and the Otherworld, to find the most toxic and poisonous plants and mushrooms she can find. She loves the smell, the taste and especially the deadly consequences for those stupid humans. Since she and her twin brother have to hide in the forgotten woods of the spirits, she barely has the chance to do something wicked – or that is what everybody thinks.

Sometimes she and her brother Taru sneak outside her safe haven to visit the humans and feast on their suffering. But eventually the Queen of the spirits will find out and then… yes then they will have to run again.


Zarik 01

Zarik 02

Also Faunus wanted to join the photo shooting xD

10 thoughts on “ADAW 2018 #2”

    1. Thank you :3
      the Beginning of ADAW is always very productive and mor easy – but the real challange Begins in week 30 or so. But I would really recommend to do it (there are also versions of every two weeks or each month)


    1. Thank you! ❀
      All my Daevas, like Zarik and her brother Taru, are actual Demons of the Zarathustrian Religion. I picked my evil beeings of this culture/ religion when I was looking for Demons. What I like about the Daevas is that they are sopposed to be gods that lost their way and became evil


  1. Zarik is such an unique name! And I enjoyed the pictures and story a lot! Thanks for sharing! ^//^ And Faunus is the cutest little one!

    Liked by 1 person

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