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Hobby Talk #10: Story and Doll Updates

Hello again 🙂

This time there are some updates and things that changes over the past few weeks, what I did not tell you guys until now… I already did a 2018 plans post and it will kind of work with that.

So let’s start:

Character Changes

First of Names – this is something that can annoy me like nothing else – haha. A name that doesn’t fit or characteristics that doesn’t suit the Doll/ Character. In this case I am talking about the former Griselda – my dear dead Zombie Sugar Skull Girl.

When I got her I wanted her to be named with a beautiful Mexican name – I still think it is beautiful – but the story did not like it at all. So the Story decided to rename her. I had to think about thinks like when she died or when she was turned, what culture inviorment was she in and why did she die with only 9 years old – I will tell you someday. So she became Izel.
But before I always said she changed her name from Izel to Griselda at one Point in the Story, so I could still call her Zelda/Griselda – but why would she? There is no explanation or story I could find that would explain the name change. So she will be named like she is in the story and the name that her parents (or me) gave her matching to her history – so meet Izel.  Izel means the Unique in Nahuatl, the language she grew up with before she died in 1453.
Another subject was that I really wanted a Sugar Skull painted doll, but that also does not fit the story or character of Izel – I still have to get used to this name. Currently she has no face up, she will get one soon hopefully, but it will be NOT a Sugar Skull inspired one… how sad! She lives in a little austrian village between normal humans and she can’t really stand out. So we will see how she will look like – maybe i can smuggle a little bit of colour in it 😉

Child Virus Versions

This is Birds fault !!! (not really a “fault” though)
She currently bought a child version of one of my favorite characters of her and I love the idea. I know she is not the first one who does this – but now I want child versions too… dammit. But hold on: only two children to be exact. A child Version of Marielle and Clarisse (profiles here), my two human girls.

Marielle is already home – she is a Iplehouse JID Soa – and for me the most fitting child version would be a Souldoll Sweeter Sevi . Clarisse will be, hopefully one day, a Racoondoll Emma and I really like the idea of a Iplehouse KID Paige as her little version. Clarisse will maybe a project for 2019…

But I did something xD


It really fit to both other topics, but I bought some dolls…

I bought Izels “sister”, also a Zombie Girl, named Anastasia and I bought little-Marielle.  Two dolls? Not exactly.
Both will be from the Souldoll Sweeter line. Souldoll has currently a head event – they are discontinuing their Zenit Boy Body – and you can order a Sweeter head without a body. Little-Marielle and Anastasia will never be in the same picture, they are not ever in the same place when Marielle was little. So I thought to myself, why can’t they just share a body for now ?
My inner self screamed at me:”Noooooo they need their own bodyyy!!”
But no – I already have two pair of characters, which share one body. So why not 3?  So that is what I did and hopefully they will be home in summer.

Also my Viola Body will be home in maybe late February? Jess (aka Mokorran from SummerbirdBJD) unpacked the first patch of dolls – sadly not all of the milkey skin are here – and Haru from Harucasting hopefully will send the rest soon. I am really excited to have her here!! (Also she announced that there will be a second preorder later this year)

So this is all – thank you if you read until here it is way to long, but I really had to tell quite some new things…

So cheers and hugs to you all!!

14 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #10: Story and Doll Updates”

  1. That is some exciting news. I look very much forward to seeing your new incoming girls 😀 I have had to rename a few dolls as well, and even though it takes time to get used to it, it’s not impossible. 🙂

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  2. I see that new and great things are happening. Wonderful! 🙂 I agree with you, when it comes to the names. Sometimes it can be a pain in you know where and it can hunt you. So far no name changes has happened here, but you never know! 😀 Enjoy the weekend ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Talking about the naming, I also suffered from it a lot in the past. Sometimes I couldn’t find a name that I felt “It must be it!” Only with my Valar, the name just popped up in my head and immediately I fell for it from head to toe. My newest Smart Doll, I changed her name many times and still can’t find the one I feel “It must be her name.”

    And congratz for new dolls!!!! I miss my dolls so much because I couldn’t bring them all abroad with me :(((

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And i am glad not to be the only one renaming 😀

      Aww that is really sad. I would miss them a lot! How long are you going to stay where you are right now?


      1. I’ll be here in the next 3 months then I’ll fly back home in 4 months before heading back here in a long time. So I will bring my grail girl with me next time 😀


  4. Ahh get hyped! ^^ Yes those are cool plans! And I have to say I am very excited to see Izel with her face up too! Heads sharing the same body can be a very good solution especially if the plans fall together like yours. So congrats for all the upcoming dolls! Please arrive sooooon! ^^

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  5. Congratulations~ How exciting to have Anastasia and Little Marie on the way home! It will be a lot of fun to see Izel with her friend, and Marie’s younger self. :3
    Sorry to hear about the naming troubles. It’s never fun when that happens. And it’s a shame the Sugar Skull theme won’t work – her previous faceups were always so colorful and cheerful. 😦 Luckily Izel is a beautiful name too, and she’s adorable with either name. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure dear! I missed you too~ *hugs* Sorry it’s taken me soooo long to catch up~

        I hope you have the opportunity to have your Sugar Skull girl too. Izel’s Sugar Skull designs were always so colorful and cheerful~ Do you have any ideas how she will look now that she needs to blend in with the village?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ❤ ❤

        I think she will look more settled and girly… I talked her out to wear only white xD So she will get a light undead girly face up and clothes. I already made her a new wig (I have to fix the front before I will Show it here…)
        I hope to do some face ups in March ^^ (or even April)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ooh, that sounds like an adorable design! Can’t wait to see Izel with her new look. Dressed all in white, she’ll look angelic~ and her faceup will be beautiful, knowing you! ^^

        Liked by 1 person

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