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ADAW 2018 #3

03/52 Shiny

ADAW 03/52 - Shiny

Okay I really thought about what story to write about Marielle (or Marie) for a long time and I struggled a bit. But then I decided to just write something. Anything.
She is very dear to me. Not only because she is my first Doll, but she slowly sat down in my heart and decided to stay there. I say slowly because I had a hard time bonding with her in the beginning, what is funny because it took me almost one and a half years to decide who will be my first doll. And that was Marie.
When she came there was no name, no story and no character. She was a Doll on my cupboard, looking pretty and kind of dead. Yes that sounds creepy but it is a fact that she had no life in her whatsoever (I know in general Dolls have no life inside them – you know what I mean). I needed a long, long time to find not only Marie, what I called her from the beginning, but Marielle the Medium, the witchy Punk, the little Runaway and center of a story that took over quite some room of my life.
So maybe this time there is no story I will tell, but some lines of affection for this amazing and silly girl – even the fact that she is all in my head… and my cupboard :3



marie02 marie03

side note: I really like the backpack – I made it like 2 or 3 day ago :3

6 thoughts on “ADAW 2018 #3”

  1. These are such touching and sweet words! Marie can surely be happy to be still with you! ^_^ (and yes I know the problem you talked about too, obviously >///<)
    She looks great non the less and with this face up and style she has already a lot of personality (in her appearance!) I'm glad you shared these inofrmation and pretty pictures of her! I Hope I can learn even more about her in the future!

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  2. These are really great photos of her. I think it’s okay to not have a story straight away or even at all for dolls. Sometimes, they’re just there to be a character and nothing more. I know what you mean though about struggling to find a story for the dolls. I am having the same issues right now but only because I am giving my doll collections a major overhaul.

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    1. Oh but that can be very inspiring I think. To look at each of them individually and find a new universe 😀
      I wish you good luck and fun!! (And I hope you will share it with us ❤ )


  3. There is always that special bond with the first doll. I do love the photos and the story you shared about her first time with you. It was the same here, I got my doll, she had a name – but nothing more. And she is still rather “naked” when it comes to the story part, but that will come. Sooner or later, maybe more later….but I am in no hurry! 🙂

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