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ADAW 2018 #5

05/52 Loyalty And Destruction

Ahriman is a Bitch… and so is Agash. Maybe that is one reason they compliment each other so well. They are both cruel and just evil. Agash became his third in command, after Saurva. The other Daevas where not really “happy” to get commands of this female Hangman, but it was the Master decision and so the rest had to obey.

Agash always had to have her eyes covered or closed, since her glace could kill every demon or dark creature, except her own race. Over time she began to do the dirty work: torture, assassinations or plain murder. She doesn’t really care, she has a black heart. Yes she has a heart. The Daevas can feel love, a very twisted and sickening way of loving. But she does love. Herself and her Master Ahriman.


Ahriman and Agash 01 Ahriman and Agash 02

Ahriman and Agash 03

6 thoughts on “ADAW 2018 #5”

  1. Oh my, oh my! That is one ice cold lady, but I do like her in a way! There is a deep story, and maybe a bit sadness too – who knows. Wonderful photos! Love the second one, in the bonus. Feel, but not see.

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  2. Wow, these two sound like a very dangerous combination! Wouldn’t like to bump into them in a dark alley. Great photos as always. You know, sometimes I find it can be a lot of fun to write from the Villain’s perspective.

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  3. Oh my! I totally agree with Alasse! Those are fantastic captures of these two! In that one middle picture you can see Agash feelings quite well I think! 🙂

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    1. Thank you ❤ I am really happy that I have my Withdoll body for Aeshma and Ahriman, so I can take pictures of both… I am not sure what I will do, if I want them in one picture though xD … ah maybe just Photoshop it ^^

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