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 Munich Doll Meet 04.02.2018

We are good xD

We really managed to meet up yesterday just some weeks after the last one before Christmas. And again it was really fun. I like our Munich group a lot, so if you are ever near 😉

But who was there: Roterwolkenvogel and her mum Finnlandelch, Van♡ri, Jana♡Banana, Made By Nufa, Glossy.Gore, Sunshine Theru.

I was able do shoot some more pictures, since Van♡ri brought some lighting AND I remembered to charge my camera batteries! I managed to take a pictures of each guest – and of course our again too lovely host Nufa – but there where way more dolls. Somehow we forgot to take a whole group pictures…but yeah anyway, I am happy :3

So here they are:

03.02.18 doll meet 01

Belongs to Van♡ri

03.02.18 doll meet 02

belongs to Theru

03.02.18 doll meet 03

belongs to Glossy.Gore

03.02.18 doll meet 04

belongs to Nufa

03.02.18 doll meet 05

belongs to Finnlandelch

03.02.18 doll meet 06

belongs to Roterwolkenvogel

03.02.18 doll meet 07

belongs to Jana♡Banana

6 thoughts on “ Munich Doll Meet 04.02.2018”

  1. Those are some beautiful dolls and photos. Meets are a lot of fun aren’t they? I kind of miss those sorts of gatherings. There really isn’t anyone locally here anymore that collect bjds. There used to be about five of us including myself but everyone has moved away to other states now. It’s a shame.

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  2. Glad to hear you were able to manage another doll meet with your friends! Sounds so much like you had a great time! ^__^ The dolls are all sooo amazing wow ! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. I hope your next doll meet can be held soon too maybe!

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