Random #9: 2017 Creator Meme

Rules: itโ€™s time to love yourselves! choose your 5 favorite works youโ€™ve created last year (fics, art, edits, etc) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things youโ€™ve brought into the world in 2017. Tag as many writers/artists/etc as you want so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome work.

I go tagged by Nezumi, she does amazing art and clothes for BJDs โค Check also out her etsy – seriously I love everything she creates!!

So apparently I have to choose 5 things I did last year that where my favorite and I am proud of somehow. Hm…

1) Veve

It is still not finished. I should continue writing it, but I am very proud of what I achieved at NaNoWriMo 2017… I laughed, I cried and I hated myself why things will happen how they are happening in the book. It was so much fun! And I really should finish the first book…

2) Photography

I am really trying to get better. In 2016 I had just my mobile camera and it was hard to learn how to pose your dolls, lighting and so on. But in 2017 – especially with the ADAW Project – I began to learn. And I am still learning. I don’t think I am all happy with what I do, there is always this little voice that says: you have to do better next time. But I will get there. But the pictures of 2017 pushed me to get better and I am proud of what I did last year. I also made and bought a photobucklet of my 2017 ADAW pictures so I can show them around xD

3) Face Ups

This is something I always wanted to do myself (or mostly myself). I love to draw and doodle since my childhood, so this is a perfect way express my creativity. I am not perfect or anyway good for any kind of commissions, but for my dolls I feel confident enough to do my own face ups and body blushing. 2017 I was able to do them more patience and they came out good.

4) Drawing/ Inktober

This was fun! I love to draw – and to read – but the last few years I almost did nothing. I had no time and no energy. I am fast tired and I sometimes lack of motivation. But somehow it was kind of easy to pull through Inktober and it was amazing to draw again… And I am not so bad like I thought I would be, after years of only small doodles. I think I should draw something after this post… or should I write?

5) Motivation

This is not something really creative or something I made, this is something that is slowly changing – still changing – in myself. 2017 was my year of climbing out of the pit filled with little goblins holding me down, some nasty little creatures…

No seriously. I mentioned it before that I am not a very active human being and that my work kind of eats all my energy. I sometimes still have depressed days, but not as bad as some time or years ago. 2017 was okay and then really okay. I enjoyed what I did and how much I did. This is good for my selfesteem (which is low low) and of course my motivation to do something. Maybe I am not too old to change after all ๐Ÿ™‚

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

I would love to tag River and Yureya, since these two had a huge impact on my inspiration and motivation in 2017, not only as artists and creators, but mostly as great people I found here through my hobby.

And if you like this tag, please do it and show me your creative last year :3
Cheers and hugs to you amazing people!

9 Replies to “Random #9: 2017 Creator Meme”

  1. What a neat meme. I tried to do Nanowrimo too but I was working so much last year that I didn’t have the energy after coming home. Glad you got through it! And it’s neat that you have a book of your doll photos. My husband actually puts one of these together for me every year using the photos I’ve taken that year. It’s great to flip through and see my collection evolving. Plus it is easier to carry around to show people than carrying all your dolls around to show them!!

    Have you tried carrying a small notebook around to doodle in whenever you get inspired to draw? I have a small sketchbook for this very purpose. I started it in June 2015 and still have it. My last sketch was on 31st December 2017. I also make myself use black ink pen to do all my drawings so I’m not forever trying to perfect one single mistake and then never finish a sketch.

    I think it is hard when you draw and write to decide which one to do when motivation hits.

    Thanks for sharing your answers to the meme.

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    1. Thank you <3. And that is so sweet pf your Hubby! And true: the books are way easier than a doll itself!

      The small Notebook is a great idea… I actually have one with all my doll ideas, Projects and to do's in it, but maybe I should buy a sceond one just for doodeling and drawing. Hmm… maybe I should really do that, that is really a good idea…

      And I would love to see some drawings of yours ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Aww what a wonderful idea this is! Glad you did this it was so interesting to read and those are really all points to be proud of for sure! Thankys soo much fot the tag too (hope I can make it soon .< but I'm happy that I am at least be able to post some pictures now and then! รผ//รผ )

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  3. Sorry for my double post! you can delete the other one, somehow due posting half of it dissapeard I’m sorry! – guess due to the smileys XD good that I have the habit to copy my text before clicking on post! XD)

    Aww what a wonderful idea this is! Glad you did this it was so interesting to read and those are really all points to be proud of for sure! Thankys soo much fot the tag too (hope I can make it soon!) and also thanks you a lot for your praise! This is so kind ^///^ *blush*

    Your blog is very vertisile, thats what I admire about it and you! If it’s writing or your drawings and face ups too, your pictures and yes even your motivation is spreading toward me through your blog this is amazing! (This is what my blog is maybe lacking for some time now but I’m happy that I am at least be able to post some pictures now and then! รผ//รผ )

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  4. This was a great meme and a fun way to be grateful for the things done. It is always hard to tell others what you think your are amazing in. In our country it can be seen as bragging about yourself, and that is something you should not do. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, anyway – you have brought some amazing things to the year 2017 and I hope you continue bringing some this year too! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much Niina โค
      "In our country it can be seen as bragging about yourself"
      Yes I know this too well – here in Germany we are also educated to be more humble and considerate. But like you said this makes it sometimes hard to be proud of yourself and show this to others. I think especially in this hobby there is so much amazing content and for me it is important to see what the others do to get inspired and excited for my own work! (this includes your blog as well ๐Ÿ™‚ )


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