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Fandom #4: Harry Potter LootCrate Box

It is here!!!

To be exact the Box from November is here. LootCrate had some production issues, so my November Box was send out in December and took almost a month until it was finally here! Also I had to drive to my local custom service to pay the obligatory taxes – except: I didn’t?!

There was hell and nearly 20 people waited to get their stuff. I thought I would have to wait for an hour at least, but after 5 minutes the Boss took me into his office. At first I thought something happened, but he ask me if this is a Kickstarter Box, while I signed for my package. I said yes but I just wanted to correct him, that this was an normal Subcription Box, not from Kickstarter, when he put the box in my hands and said: “off you go and have fun with it.”

And there I was… with no bill. I tried to go outside as normal as possible and suppressed the urge to ran to my car. So “HURRAY”! No tax bill… but psst! xD

But look at this beautiful box!

There was again some amazing things inside:

  1. Shirt – It has the Whomping Willow in the front and it can glow in the dark. I love the Color and like always the fabric is very soft
  2. Coasters for glasses or cups – Beautiful 20 Century design, like a Art Nuveau painting of Alfons Mucha – I loveeeee Alfons Mucha and his art
  3. Magnets that spells “Tom Marvolo Riddle” – or “I am Lord Voldemort”. You could write some funny things with these πŸ™‚
  4. A frame with a hidden compartment – it shows a moving Ariana, Dumbledores sister – I think we will use it for our keys
  5. A shopping bag – This is one of these handy little and then big bags, that you can carry in your bag if you ever need a bag and a extra bag… you know? You know.
  6. AND: a pin!!!! – again it is a Hokroux and I think they will do all seven Hokruxes. I have the ring, the medallion and now the cup. It is beautiful as always and it fits great in my collection

Here they are:










The January Box will ba also way late and I think this will continue for now – but I decided to keep the Box anyway, so as long every Box will be delivered, I don’t care when.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!! Do you have a Subcription Box or somthing like that? I would love to know πŸ™‚
Cheers and Hugs!

4 thoughts on “Fandom #4: Harry Potter LootCrate Box”

  1. That’s pretty neat. I especially love the coasters. I’m a coaster addict. I actually saw some replica wands from the Harry Potter movies not long ago in one of our local shops. They were pretty neat.

    What’s a subscription box?

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    1. Thank you Alasse ❀
      I also enjoyed this box a lot… There are different companies and themes you can buy one of these boxes. They can be about a fandom or movie, comics, sweets or even pet things. They mostly have little things, shirts or accessoires in them. You buy either getting a one time box or a box every month/ every second month for a period of time. For example my HP Box is from, I get every 2 month one box and I paid for 3 boxes. I could end it after those 3 boxes or I can buy another round… It is very neat and fun! But some of these boxes are a little expensive… that is the reason I have only one subcription


  2. What a wonderful box! I do like Harry Potter, have seen the movies and read some of the books. I do not have any subscription box, but I used to get envelopes with the latest special editions of stamps. Swedish and abroad too, or just special editions – like the Beatles, artistic stamps, some jubilee.

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ – stamps! That is so cool. I loved the stamp collection of my grandfather a lot. I think it is always very interessting to collect such unique things. πŸ™‚


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