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Hobby Talk #11: Bonding And Reshelling

Hello dear friends…

Today I want to talk about somthing that bothers me since… wow 4 years almost. Not really, but quite true… wait what am I babbling about…

I am talking about Brigitte – the character and the doll.

In 2014 I bought a head, a Doll Love Evol head, since I needed something to practise my face up skills – “skills” haha – and I had my Iplehouse Soa. I thought there will be just one doll and this head – that’s it. Funny I know…

2015 I decided my Soa/Marie needed a friend and hey, I had still this one head laying around. There was no story at that point and I orderd a cheap (but legit) Angel of Dream body.  It was the first time I thought about characters and story. So I looked up some legends in Google, because Marie became a Medium and the other girl should became some supernatural beeing. And so was Samedi born – Brigitte Version 1 I would rather call her now, since Sam is her husband and became some complete different character. ANYWAYS…

Here she is with a HORRIBLE face up of mine:


And yes she had skeleton hands… 

I was not happy – Lord I was so unhappy with her: her character did not fit,  her face did not fit and this body drove me nuts! (still is) So Samedi became Brigitte and the character part slowly transformed to: I am happy. The AoD body on the other side: it is kicky, has a useless middle joint and some weird extra part IN the doll, that blocks her regularly in posing… AND she barely stands or can hold her arm up. I strung her tighter multiple times, but it never worked.

But okay, I thought maybe it is just the head. So I got in 2017 a Doll Chateau Debbie head and it is beautiful. It matches perfect with the Angel of Dream Body (both yellow skin) and the face up I gave her was not to bad – this is Brigitte Vers. 2.

This is probably the only version you know:


I am still not happy… Not as bad as with Version 1, but this drives me nuts… First I thought maybe I should just swap the body – I really don’t want the body anymore – but there are some points, that bothers me even more.

  1. since I write more and more about my characters and story I have a certain image of them in my mind, how they should look individually AND in the group
  2. Brigitte is a very strong woman – beeing some hundred years olds, she fought serveral wars, she lost her husband, she has some kind of “children” she tries to take care of – so she should look like someone very mature…
  3. Debbie is still a beautiful face for me and I am still not sure if I want to sell her or just keep her for now – but like I said Brigitte should look way more mature and older, especially older than Marie… But Debbie just looks like a Teenager.

And that is what keeps my thoughts going crazy about her… She looks like a child and not like a effing grown ass woman…

Brigitte:” Language, please…”

Yes, I am sorry… *sighs So…
I will sell the body soon. And maybe the head.
But I will do that when I know who will come for Brigitte Vers. 3 and when I am able to buy her… I kind of know who I want, but to be honest this time I will take my time with my decision and maybe I will wait until she is here, before I will tell and show. I really want to make it right this time… (>____<)”

Anyways: Thank you for listening!
I really would love to hear your opinion on bonding and reshelling dolls or collection
Cheers and hugs 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #11: Bonding And Reshelling”

  1. Hmm, that sounds tough. . . Poor Brigette, to not have her right “shell” yet. Hope she can look more like herself soon. 🙂

    I haven’t had any issues with bonding or shelling just yet. For Corinne, I fell in love with her sculpt and have been slowly building her character over time; same for the fairies. Ah, but I want to shell some of our characters at some point, and already it’s hard to say which sculpt is perfect for them! I think I will also take some time to think about it before I dive in and start shelling them. :/


  2. It sounds like you are talking about the Angel of Dream MSD body? I only own two SD bodies from that company and they’re one of my best posers (without having to suede them). It could be the resin is really smooth. Have you tried sueding the knees, hips and torso joints? I find sueding helps with resin that is a bit too smooth. Or sometimes if you re-string with a thicker string, it can also help. I think also there might have been two versions of the body? I’m not sure. I had read somewhere there were two versions of the SD bodies and I had the second version. Maybe it’s the same with the MSD body?

    When I “reshell” a character, that tends to mean I give the doll a complete makeover (new look, style, name, personality etc.). Sometimes the character I have in mind for a doll just doesn’t work so instead of forcing the character on the doll, I abandon the character and then create a new one around the doll letting the sculpt itself inspire me. I’ve found this works for me and I’ve not had to physically reshell a doll by buying a different one very often. Not to say it hasn’t happened once or twice but generally I just let the doll be my muse as to what direction I want to go with it. Much less headache that way. And sometimes, I change an entire story to suit the doll. I like to go with the flow so to speak.


  3. Oh dear Rachel, what a quandary! I hope you try what Alasse has suggested before tossing the body, after all what she says makes sense.

    I haven’t had to reshell any dolls recently, but I usually do the same as Alasse when a doll tells me she/he is not at all what I want them to be . . . it’s much simpler that way. 🙂


  4. Oh, yikes! Know the feeling. It is far away from fun. And even worse is the feeling that one doll has played her/his role and need to move or be replaced with some other doll. And as Alasse wrote, go with the flow and in a way “listen to the doll” and see if you get a story. I do hope so, because Brigitte is a cutie!


  5. Oh I can understand you so well ü.ü And I hope you’ll find a good home for the body and maybe if you decide to for the head aswell! It can be very hard and due to time there can be changes and from small to big ones. I hope you’ll feel better about Brigitte when you re-shell her. Definetly a progress I am excited to see in the future it is very interesting to see someones plans and ideas come alive (through the doll for example) and also so that you can show us all your image in your head ! 🙂

    As for me, well I guess you know the big part of my “tragedy” of dolls and characters XD I still struggle whenever I am thinking about a new one, fo when I see a cute doll I want. But if I am strong enough I want to create the character first rather than buying a new doll. (at least I want to try it one time! it can be hard XD) I also sold a lot of dolls lately (and still am) maybe because of the lacking character and bond too. Sometimes ot is just not that easy !


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