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Photography #2: UK And London

Ok I love this city.

I really do not want to live there, but it is one of my favorite places to be. My sister lived 13 years in the UK and I was there every year one or two times. The city can be quite overwhelming and big, but the people in the UK are so polite and nice fellows. Of course there are always black sheep, but I honestly had so great experiences there.

And I love the architekture, countryside and the seaside!! Of course I was able to take some pictures. Some are made with a normal digital camera, some with my phone and the more recent one with my way better camera. So I thought I would show you some of the pictures I took over the years.










now the more recent ones (- what you can tell from the quality improvement)

London - 01

London - 02

London - 03

London - 04


Stonehenge - 01

Stonehenge - 02

Stonehenge - 03

Stonehenge - 04

Stonehenge - 05


Salisbury Cathedral - 01

Salisbury Cathedral - 02

Salisbury Cathedral - 03

Salisbury Cathedral - 04

Salisbury Cathedral - 05

Salisbury City - 01

Salisbury City - 02

There is always more on my flickr, but I really want to do this more often.
A little show and tell πŸ™‚ (here you can find part 1)

So thank you for your time – cheers and hugs xx

10 thoughts on “Photography #2: UK And London”

  1. Lovely photos Rachel. My two favourites are the first misty garden shot and the beautiful view of the colonnade looking down the cloisters. πŸ™‚ Architecture has always fascinated me, especially when it’s old.

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  2. ahh Nana Lucky you! I have never been to England but it is a little dream to visit London someday! Such beautiful pictures they are amazing! I bet there are some very special places to go or great historical / older fascinating streets aswell! The architecture seems really to be stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing this little trip! My hubby agrees, it is a wonderful place to visit and the people are so kind.
    I have β€žstalkedβ€œ you at Flickr too! πŸ™‚

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