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ADAW 2018 #8

08/52 Memories And Sadness

ADAW 2018 - 08/52 Memories And Sadness

Music played in the living room and Brigitte laughed out loud. Ti-Jean visited with the girls, with her girls and Ana danced slowly to the Jazz Music. Izel smiled, a sad and little smile. She slowy backed off and went into Brigittes room. She was not often here, so she had to take this chance.

Izel pulled out the big trunk under her Mommys bed. She knew Brigitte didn’t like it, when the little girl looked at the old letters, pictures and diaries of her father Samedi. It will make her sad and Brie hated to see her little girls sad. But Izel needed this, to remember and to feel.

Izel died herself on the 26.07.1453 in Tlatelolco, Mexico. It is a long story, but at those times she had parents and she had a life. And then she died because of a stupid feathered Snake God, who thought he would gain power through the death of the innocent. But there they were: Baron Samedi and his wife Maman Brigitte. Waiting for her, raising her soul from the dead and giving her a second life – a second home – a second Mom and Dad. And years and years later they lost him. Sam was gone.

She looked at the old pictures and touched the letters. All these humans and other beeings they met over time and they lost. A big stone layed on her little heart and she began to sob. To be nearly immortal, especially as a child, was hard. But she never lost hope or love for others.

“Oh don’t cry child… Everything will be alright.” Someone said at the door. Brigitte looked at her also with wet eyes and embraced her little girl.


Izel 01

Izel 02

Izel 03

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6 thoughts on “ADAW 2018 #8”

  1. Listening to Miles Davis can make one feel a little blue, and then looking at old photos, it’s no wonder the poor dear ended up in tears. Sending her a few hugs. πŸ™‚

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