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Random #10: Social Media And What To Do?

I still haven’t answered to my last Hobby Talk… Not to be rude or that I ignored anything  you guys said- I am very happy about the whole reaction I got from everyone! You are the only one I am currently talking about those thoughts. But I am still thinking about the whole Brie situation and I will do an answer/ update post, when I made up my mind…

My very first post here on my blog was already about social media and where I can see me and this hobby presented. I am still not sure if I am happy with every plattform I am on. I really wanted to have some few apps or communities where I am, but not too much that it will overwhelm me. That is one of my biggest issues that I tend to be on to much things at once and feel a kind of pressure to be perfect in each of them until I fail everything. So I learned to look on the amount of pressure, I mostly create myself, and reduce it as much as possible. So let’s see what is the situation now.

  1. WordPress/Blog: It will stay like it is – Igot FINALLY a new Laptop so I can draw again, so I will change the design at one point again
  2. Flickr: I am not really active there, but I love sometimes to look at other peoples pictures. I mostly use it to upload my high quality pictures so I can easily share them without blocking too much space of my wordpress. And it is great to see all my photos in one place
  3. Youtube: I really think about doing more video stuff, but mostly I enjoy watching dollie videos of other people. For now it will stay as it is
  4. Forums: I am on DoA and a german doll Forum, but I think it is not the right medium for me… I will look them up sometimes, but I think I will stop to share my things on them for now. I don’t know… DoA is strange and the Dollie is very empty… The people I really like from the hobby I can reach through other ways
  5. Facebook: I already left every doll group I am in. I don’t know when the last time was I visited one of these and to be honest.. I am thinking of leaving FB for good. (but that is another subject)
  6. Tumblr: I still have a account I think – but Tumblr will stay in the “No” corner
  7. Instagram 1 (nana_moustache): I don’t know, but Instagram annoys me a little. For now I will stay with my dollie account on it, but maybe not as active  as before. ADAW will be posted and sometimes a good picture. I deleted most of my other more randomy pictures. But it is good for chatting with certain peeps ❤
  8. Instagram 2 (nana_draws_stuff): Yes I have two… why? Because I want to separate my Dolls and my drawings. That is all. But I think I will be able to post 1-2 Pictures a month – for now I share my Inktober 2017 pictures…
  9. Vero: It still crashes and it is buggy as eff, BUT the concept is amazing, I love the people there since they are mostly very professional photographer, musicians and artists. And did I mention the concept? It is chronological, no algorhythm and no data based commercials. I will post there my photography, random book or music recommendations and drawings. It is for fun mostly!

So there would be still enough media I am kind of active on… but maybe I can reduce it some more, like FB. In gerneral it is good I think to keep track where you are in the social media world. This ´was very random… I know.

But were are you? Are you happy with everything you use?
Will you join something new or will you reduce? Let me know 🙂

But thank you for now and cheers ❤

10 thoughts on “Random #10: Social Media And What To Do?”

  1. Wow you are with a few social media platforms. I am actually not a huge fan of the new social media wave. I find a lot of the newer platforms don’t encourage a lot of interaction, like Instagram I find encourages people to hit the like button (I admit, I do this too on there) and not much else. I have one but I don’t post to it all the time. Mine is private though and I’m very selective about who sees it as it has both doll & personal photos on there. I’m not into the whole x amount of followers that people seem obsessed with on there.

    Facebook I detest with a passion so usually steer clear. I have a facebook mostly for following those doll companies who seem to put everything on there because they think it’s the bees knees or something but I don’t use it for anything else. I also have flickr but I haven’t logged into there in a year now. I use it to browse doll photos when I feel like I need a bit of lift me up. DevianArt I also have but again, don’t log it much at all and I use it primarily for my photo manipulation work.

    I prefer blogs above everything else. I come from a time when blogs were THE thing to use when wanting to post about your hobbies, life etc. Remember Livejournal? That’s where I started many years ago. I love blogs because of the interaction and I find it is a great tool for getting to meet and know like-minded people who also share your passion and hobbies. I have been so lucky to meet people online through their blogs that I proudly call friends. So blogging does have a special place in my heart.

    I thought about splitting my blogs for the different collections I have but I know myself that I would get overwhelmed and it would start to feel too much like a chore so that’s why I have an amalgamated blog that covers all my doll collections. It started out as a strictly bjd blog but has changed over the years. I’ve also been of the opinion that blogging should be fun and something you do to relax and get away from the stresses of normal life.

    Which is also why I am careful to keep my social media presence to a minimum. My blog and my Instagram are the only places really I am pretty regular with. I’m on DOA too but I only pop in every now and then and don’t really get too involved with conversations on there and I haven’t posted anything of mine for a very long time now on there. Forums aren’t really my cup of tea. But they’re good to keep up with the latest doll news.

    Vero isn’t something I have heard of before. I will have to have a peek at it although won’t be joining. I don’t like having too many social platforms going on. I do admit to being quite fascinated by people who have a ton. I wonder how they manage all of them!

    How are you finding blogging?

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    1. Thank you for the Response, it is very interesting to read different aproches and opinions on social media. Livejornal was way before my time, I was in the past more of a foum Girl, but now like you said, it is good for news and updates.

      IG is more like fast Food I think – like, share and move on – The important people of the Hobby are the community here and some in Germany – and of course you guys! I mean there are what 5-6 People who really read what I do here, but you belong to the important part for me. I love Blogging and like you said the personal response you get. I am really happy to be here and if I ever will choose to reduce more – I will stay here for sure.

      “I thought about splitting my blogs for the different collections I have but I know myself that I would get overwhelmed and it would start to feel too much like a chore.”
      That is also my thought and also the reason there are not only dolls here, but fandom, drawing, writing and so on. If I will ever have the space to actually sew something for myself, I would also choose to show it here. I started a blog for sewing last year and it had great Response, but it is too much.

      So thank you again, for reading, for visiting and a big hug ❤


  2. Hi Rachel,
    I have kept my online presence to a minimum. I do belong to 2 forums, DoA and the Resin Café, but don’t spend a lot of time on either. I use FlickR for photo storage and like to look at other people’s dolls. I will occasionally look at YouTube if I need help with a project, but have never posted one. I absolutely abhor Facebook and deleted my account years ago and I find, like Alasse, the other social media doesn’t encourage any interaction, so I find it completely pointless.

    Love my blog and my blogging buddies best of all. I intended it to be just for BJD, but my collection has grown far beyond just BJD’s, so it includes all my dolls, no matter what type they are. I also enjoy sharing dolly projects that I make and things I knit and sew as well as other interests such as art and poetry.

    I enjoy reading other people’s blogs and try to comment when I visit, though sometimes I don’t always have time. I like reading about other people’s interests aside from dolls too.

    Blogging is my #1 choice, I don’t have a lot of followers, but I have made some really great blogging buddies from so many different countries here. It’s a case of QUALITY over quantity. 🙂

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    1. ” I use FlickR for photo storage and like to look at other people’s dolls”
      That is also the reason why I am on Flickr – and it is way easier to link pictures here. Facebook I think I will leave this year, I am currently to busy to organize all the People I want to stay in contact with, but it just plain annoys me…

      “I like reading about other people’s interests aside from dolls too”
      I also love diversity in BJD and non-BJD Blogs. I think it shows more the person behind the Screen. And like I said to Alasse I am so grateful about you guys! You make this Hobby fun for me 🙂 hugs!


  3. Very interesting posting Nana! I admire your persistence and work you put in all these social media channels. And I can understand most of your points you wrote down. It is good to keep some distance to those who are not for you or rather just enjoying content than create. For me it was more like a journey rather than having multiple accounts up consistently.

    Started with Flickr (where I found about dolls in general back then!) to dA, Instagram and my own blog. I tried a few times to come back to flickr but no chance I always had to less time to really keep things up. I sometimes miss the time back then in flickr it was more peronally and people would actually take their time to write thoughtful things about your pictures. Nowadays it’s more like just liking things and so on. But I can’t blame anyone because there is so much content everywhere and too less time ^^. I myself figgered out I prefer it the “old” way and have my own little place. Even though it is very hard to stay in contac with everyone from back then

    I think it is great to talk more directly to the people and really enjoy some more thoughful content and WIP than just snapshots or mainly randomn ess (not that they are bad or so). More than concentrade only on numbers or likes.

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    1. “tried a few times to come back to flickr ”
      It is still great to reduce the amount of saving space you use here xD – side note lol.
      But yes, the social media spaces are all very fast food like! And I also find myself often to rushed and hasty to comment on pictures. But after this post and your respones I really thought about it a lot (that is also the reason for the late answers) and I think I will take more time if I am on IG or somewhere else.


  4. The „older“ I get, the more annoyed I become on the social media. I remember when Google+ came and it was like a sigh of „I can not handle this no more“ and „another social media place?“ I tried it, but I mostly just forgot I had one. And the same goes with tumblr.
    I enjoy blogging, done that since 2005 (food, dolls, in different languages – not all are „alive“ today of those blogs) and before that I had a own homepage with pixel graphics and diary. I enjoy Instagram too, even if the feed is a bit messed up when not being chronological. I can just wish that that will change soon! That is why Vero sounds interesting. But I like to have some kind of contact – like the posts, comment and talk.
    Flickr is something else I enjoy. Photos! All kinds of photos – professional, nature, dolls, non professional, places and so on. Everything for everyone.
    I have Twitter too, but it is slow – just put my blog posts and Instagram photos there and sometimes some random talk.
    At the moment I have Facebook for games and some contact with friends abroad or those who does not live nearby. In the beginning it was just for political contacts and planning of meetings etc. Then it was sharing photos with friends and relatives….and now for games and some talks.
    DoA is a lovely place to be at, even if I am not the one visiting that site so very often. Beautiful dolls and like-minded.
    Well, need to look into Vero, but not sure if I will get one.
    Have a great new week ahead!

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    1. ” I remember when Google+ came ”
      I was so excited when Google+ came out – but I got so empty so fast, in Germany that was the case. So I left again. Tumblr is just… not my Thing, but I still read many blogs there, sadly I can’t really comment.
      Vero… I am on it for some time now and I get a very Google+ like feeling. Excitment at first and then… I still think the concept is great and the Content is also very professional, but also a litte Fast Food and not personal at all. So we will see, maybe I will delete it at one pont again (also consider to delete my art IG… I just not have the Motivation) We will see 😉

      HUGS and also thank you for reading, time and comments ❤


  5. Wow, you’ve tried out a lot of social media! Glad you’ve decided to stay with blogging on WordPress~ ^^ Congrats on the new latptop! It will be fun to see the site redesign too!

    For me, I find social media a little overwhelming so I don’t do too much. Just my blogs here on WordPress. Den of Angels and Dollfie Dreams forums, and then Twitter and deviantART for posting my artwork. (Wow, that actually does sound like a lot when I type it out like that. . . ) But I’m not very active on Den of Angels or Dollfie Dreams forums either, it’s a little hard to keep up with at times because the conversations move so quickly.

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    1. „Glad you’ve decided to stay with blogging on WordPress~ ^^ “
      This is really the only thing I am sure of 🙂 Blogging is fun and I like you guys a lot

      „Wow, that actually does sound like a lot when I type it out like that. . .“
      Yes it does, doesn’t it?! xD
      That is exactly what I fell, when I do these post and I think about reducing…The german forum also starts to fade, that is really sad.
      Yes but I will stay and hopefully so will you Dear!! Hugs 🙂

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