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ADAW 2018 #9

Little side note: I couldn’t do a ADAW last week so this sunday there will be two separate posts. I will try to get back in the rhythm, but the last two weeks were hard :[

09/52 There Are Never Too Many Dolls

ADAW 2018 - 09/52 There Are Never Too Many DollsΒ I found this cutie and ALL my Barbies in the basement at my Mums house. I only took her with me, some clothes and a Skipper coat that actually fits my Azones πŸ™‚

It was so fun to look through dolls, clothes and thing I had as a child. When I will have more space I will bring everything here and sort things out. There are some things you can’t use anymore, I won’t keep and a small amount of thing I really want to keep. But not now… There are enough things already here xD

But she is so cute… I consider her to be repainted… But for now let’s enjoy how cute she is right now. And this adorable chubby body ❀ ❀


Kelly 01

Kelly 02 Kelly 03

6 thoughts on “ADAW 2018 #9”

  1. Oh I often think sometimes I have too many dolls! But then again, it’s probably more like too many doll collections!

    It must have been quite nostalgic to see all the old toys from your childhood again. It’s neat that your mum kept them all. They all look in great condition too for their age. I wish my parents had thought to keep all my toys. I used to collect the She-Ra figures from the 80s but my parents threw all my toys out or gave them to the charity stores, not sure but they don’t have it anymore which is sad.

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    1. I was way beyond excited xD My sister just laughed at me… or she more like laughed about me lol – When everything is here I will show you guys some things from my past. It is so fun and I remembered quite a lot. The condition of Kelly is good – but to be honest I gave her quite a treatment beforehand. Many things I owned are also gone, but the time I was older I was able to stash things in corners my parents won’t reach so soon xD


  2. This is such a sweet and cheery post! Ahh this makes me remember of all the things I have / had! Haha. great you were able to finds some cool new / “old” stuff for your dolls too! Such a cute little insight! Those tiny dolls are precious (especially like the one with the bubble gum! ^^).

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    1. Lalaloopsy are so cute!! I only like the really small one, since they look great as dolls of my dolls. Normally they are with my Azones, but Kelly really likes them xD
      And it was just plain fun to find the old treasures again ❀


  3. What a happy bunch of cuties – who do not like to go through the childhood toys and memories. Most of mine are in the kids room, took home a lot when they were small. And I can not touch them – haha, but I can borrow for a little while. Some of the toys we have sent to other countries, charity work. to cheer up some children. Hope that they enjoyed those toys.
    Lalaloopsys are so adorable. Own just one, need more…. πŸ™‚

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    1. Lalaloopsy are so darn cute! You definitely need more πŸ˜‰
      Ah I would love to give my children my Barbie stuff, Lego or what so ever in the future – But maybe I will keep one or two for myself xD


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