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Let’s Get Drunk! Beelzebub Style

Okay this happened:

Beelzebub got a own Drink!

PinotNoirIceCreamBar of Youtube and Instagram made him a sour drink of hell xD

You can send her on her homepage some Info of your doll and she creates a drink in you… or more your dolls name. It is so fun to watch and I will definitely recreate it!

Please enjoy her hilarious and drunk self. I enjoyed it a lot!

Also this week ADAW will come next week, since I am not at home right now and have no doll with me 🙂

So happy Easter and hugs to you all.

Cheers ❤

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Drunk! Beelzebub Style”

  1. This was super entertaining wow !!! x//3 What a lovely idea Nana to let Beelzebub be included in this project. I enjoyed it so much (she is also getting a follow for sure from me :3) Thanks for sharing! And I would look forward to your ideas fpr such a project too ^-^ Wishing you also a nice easter weekend!

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