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ADAW 2018 #13


ADAW 2018 - 13/52 KITTIES

Miku and her sisters love cats. They have two: a white one named Lulu – a black and white one named Sir Nicolas The First And Only Ruler Of This And Any World Forever And Ever. Miku named him, obviously, but they call him only Nikki. He loves to cuddle in Mikus arms and she loves to carry him around. Silly girl with a silly cat โค


Miku 01

Miku 02 Miku 03

4 thoughts on “ADAW 2018 #13”

  1. Both of them are super adorable and Nicolas title is awesome xD haha i love it, pretty sure he earned and deserves it well too. The kitty dress is a cute detail and lookign precious on her. Aaaand that cute haircut ^3^!!!!

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