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Fandom #6: Harry Potter LootCrate Box

And again no Tax and only one week after the last one.

Like I said last time, Lootcrate was behind with their packages, but it seems they fixed the issues they had. This is the March Box and so they are in schedule again…

(Also I still have to put the stuff from the last box in their new places, this was a major surprise since I also had no tracking Info. But hei, fine with me 😉 )

So let’s see what it is in this one:

  1. Magnet – Slytherin for life!! Nothing more to say…
  2. Notebooks– These are beautiful. To be honest I have a little notebook collection and not use problem xD – Maybe I can get myself to use them, but I think I just can’t
  3. Sign – This is hilarious!! And I will find a place to put it someday 😀 See for yourself down in the blog…
  4. T-Shirt – a very classic Hogwarts T-Shirt. I already got asked why I have so many Harry Potter shirts xD But this one is also very nice and soft
  5. Deer Pin – Okay it seems the Hokrux Series is over, but nevertheless this pin is beautiful, but the first time since I get these boxes not the favorite thing I got. Still the Deer is pretty and a very important animal in the books.
  6. Scrap Book of Fantastic Beats – wow. This is just amazing, stunning and overwhelming! I only flipped through the pages, since I will need time to explore each page, extras and detail. There are postcards, stickers and so on hidden in each page. Just beautiful.

Here they are:





Deer Pin

Scrap Book

(sorry some of them are turned the wrong way, but somehow WP doesn’t let me turn them in the right direction…)

The next one will be here in May  until then there is a little break xD
Cheers and Hugs!

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